Do’s and Don’ts of Email Writing

Email, VoiceMail, Texting, Cell Phone- we are just inundated with communication. One of my pet peeves is long rambling- no get to the point emails. I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems that people would rather email or text rather than just picking up the phone to get a quick answer.  That said- Here is some Do's and Don'ts of Email … [Read more...]

Optician Training- ABO Study Guide

Another site that has great information is Laramy K- They just started a FREE Open ABO Study Project, a communty effort to build an open and free study guide for the American Board of Opticianry certification exam. While the study guide is not yet complete, currently available materials may still be useful for exam preparation. Plus they just … [Read more...]

Top 7 Sites For Help in Organization

Believe it or not- I have a friend who has an office that look like this. It would drive me crazy! But it seem that the last week of March (We're a little late) is National Clutter Awareness Week. In lieu of that, below are listed some great sites for Organization Inspiration! Organization and Clutter Neat and Simple Living: Blog written by … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training- Continuing Education Sources

Other resources to help train your staff- some are free, some charge, either way- well trained staff are essential to the financial health of your optical office. Another EyeBit- Staff training helps retain employee's. The average cost of losing an optical staff is about 30% of the employee salary! Employees have a clear purpose and are more secure … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training- Free ABO Study Guide

Laramy K- Free Open Optix ABO Study Guide - Open Courseware, I wanted to see if we could take the concept of open source and apply it to optical knowledge projects. The intent was to encourage people in the optical community to work together in creative ways to improve the industry and ultimately optical care around the world. Opticians Friend- … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training – Optician Works

I am a huge believer in staff education. There is this great site Optician Works- which takes you through a step by step process of Fitting Eyeglasses. Optician Works was launched last year in April (2008) and I highly recommend this site for any optical staff. Here is the Table of Contents! Chapter 1: Why People Wear Glasses The eight … [Read more...]

Promotion to Optical Office Manager – Are You Ready?

One of the great dilemmas in many optical offices is the lack of good optical managers. This is due to fact that most optical managers have little training for the job. In many cases, they start their manager's role with no management training whatsoever. The usual scenario is that the original manager resigned, and the person with the greatest … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Patient is Lying

I found this Body Language video very interesting. In the frantic rush of day to day living, sometimes we forget to read the clues our friends, customers and patients are sending out. Just by reading the body language clues, we can become more customer friendly and customer focused. To make this a part of your everyday patient focus, practice in … [Read more...]

Tax Alerts for Optical Employers

February 2: Most employers must file Form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return) to report Medicare, social security, and income taxes withheld in the fourth quarter of 2008. Small employers who have been notified by the IRS should file Form 944 (Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return) Give your employees their copies of Form W-2 for … [Read more...]

Optical Employment Resources

Dispensing Opticians US Department of Labor - Optician Information Eye Hunter Started in 2001- resource for optical employment, including jobs for optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and optometric technicians.  Our interactive relief work network has helped hundreds of optometrists and opticians locate temporary help For … [Read more...]

Everyone Loves a Bonus But What if Cash is Tight

    Who doesn't love receiving a bonus? But may be hard to do for employees when times are tough. We are in an economic squeeze so for many optical businesses it is harder to give out employee bonuses. But this is not the time to stop recognition and rewards programs.  When times are hard it is even more important to reward performance that … [Read more...]

Optical Education and Trade Shows

Online CE Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (COPE) AEA Cruises - Cruise seminars for optometrists Berkeley Optometry CE4Optometry Contact Lens Spectrum (OD's and Opticians_ EyeCEonline Find That CE - The Online Continuing Education Resource Indiana University- online CE Local EyeSite the premier … [Read more...]