First eCommerce Site Ranking Based on Store Performance and Shopability

As we have all seen over the last several years, websites have become increasingly more important. They need to be easy to read, fast loading, with just the right amount of text. Add in a shopping cart or set an appointment plus update products.. lets just say the day is over that you just spend a few hours and put a website. The factors going into … [Read more...]

Shopping Small Is Good Marketing

Shop Local, Shop Small, Buy Local, Make Your Tax Dollars Work Locally are some of the headlines one reads as Small Business Saturday approaches November 25, 2017. It pays to be prepared as consumers become more aware of local business. Eye Bogglers 2015 95 million people Shopped small on Small Business Saturday 2015 $16.2 billion spent … [Read more...]

David Kind, Creates Online Sales Channel for Optometrists with ECP Partnership Program

With optometry offices losing sales to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, eyewear designer provides online sales channel to help eye care professionals create new revenue streams and offer patients convenience SAN DIEGO, CA – October, 2017 – David Kind, a leading provider of high-quality prescription eyewear online, is announcing its ECP Partnership … [Read more...]

What Makes You Really Happy? Window Display

A few years ago in Vancouver, a store put up a sign What Makes You Really Happy and people via Post-It Notes responded with some surprising results. I thought this might be such a good promotion/ window display for eyecare professionals. It is fun, it is interactive, it is eye-catching and why not? Weather might make this challenging during the … [Read more...]

ASCRS Foundation Sponsors 2nd Annual National Sight Week

Operation Sight Network Surgeons to Participate in Weeklong Charitable Initiative to Provide Free Cataract Surgery FAIRFAX, Va. – Oct., 2017 – The American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Foundation is pleased to sponsor the 2nd annual National Sight Week (October 15– 21).  National Sight Week is a weeklong celebration of … [Read more...]

New Hospital Subscription Plan For Medical Protective Eyewear

This was a first as far as I know: VINO OPTICS ANNOUNCES HOSPITAL SUBSCRIPTION PLAN FOR MEDICAL PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR THAT ENHANCE VEIN DETECTION Hospitals can now enroll in a $19.95 monthly subscription plan for medical protective eyewear that assist medical personnel and paramedics with IV insertion and health sign detection MIAMI, FL, (2017)— … [Read more...]

FREE Stuff: 2017 ICD-10 Medical Coding Reference

We probably should have put this up at the beginning of the year, unfortunately it got buried. Here is a Medical Coding website for icd10. We do not know whether they are going to update to 2018. Here is what they say takes the official ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS medical codes and adds millions of cross … [Read more...]

It is Not To Late To Sign Up: World Sight Day Is October 12

Optometry Giving Sight Leads Global Coalition to Support  World Sight Day Challenge (Denver CO – September 28th): Global eye health and vision care are more important than ever in light of recent natural disasters including major hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and their aftermath. As people deal with these and other health crises, leading … [Read more...]

October is National Dyslexia Month

With October being National Dyslexia month we thought we would bring a little attention to Dyslexia. According to the National Insitute of Learning Development: It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and / or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the … [Read more...]

21 Branded Car Spectacles For Name Your Car Day

Americans are obsessed with cars and driving which is probably why we have so many cars and name them. To celebrate cars or transportation there are several 'National-Celebration Days:  Transit Driver Appreciation Day which is March 18th, Stand Up For Transportation Day in April, National Transportation Week in May, National Defense Transportation … [Read more...]

Best Spooktacular Halloween Window

We ran across this spooktacular Skeleton Halloween Window and loved it. Giant hanging bones with the tag line, Life is Too Short To Wear boring Glasses!   … [Read more...]

TO DO: Prepare For Q4 2017

The last quarter of any given year is generally speaking where most retailers make their money or year.The same is true for Eyecare Professionals: There are numerous gift giving and gift certificates opportunities. Add in Use it or Lose it Insurance programs, Use it or Lose it Co-op Advertising programs, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Small Business … [Read more...]

Where to Post What…and When

I have given up trying to figure out when to post on which platform. Basically have set up a system of posting and a daily time to review all posts. But things change and after reading this helpful tips from Shamir.. I might have to re-evaluate again!  Shamir has some fantastic insights from their Vitamin See Blog that we highly recommend you … [Read more...]

Optometry Giving Sight Hosts Twitter Chat For World Sight Day

September, 2017—Children’s eye health is the focus of a Twitterchat to coincide with the 11th annual World Sight Day Challenge on World Sight Day, Thursday October 12, 2017. The Twitterchat, aimed at parents and eye care practitioners around the world, will take place from noon–1:00 p.m. ET, and is hosted by Optometry Giving Sight.  Helping to … [Read more...]

The 7 P’s Of Marketing For Eyecare Professionals

We ran across this old post from 2010 and it serves to remind us, that despite all the new technology, despite social media, the same 7P's are still as good today as they were 200 years ago. The 7Ps: People, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging and Positioning are the fundamental elements for successful marketing. The dynamics of these … [Read more...]