Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Trivia Formerly Known as Decoration Day and first enacted to honor Union Soldiers of the American Civil Way. The original day- was May 30th and designated for the purpose of strewing flowers or decoration on the graves of "fallen comrades' According to Professor David Blight of the Yale University History Department, the first … [Read more...]

Branding and the Optical Professional

We have mentioned in several posts building your 'Brand'. So what exactly does that mean? Brand Recognition is the ability of your customers and patients to immediately recognize you, the specific business you are in from a logo, a motto, slogan, a product or your services. The logo, motto and slogan should stand out on every piece of literature, … [Read more...]

Humorous Ways to Deal with Recession Fears

A great article in the Sunday San Diego Union was talking about the creative and fun ways businesses are coming up with in dealing with the recession. I really liked the idea of the Soup-Line Party in which guests were invited to BYOB (bring your own bowl), in which they received a free ladle of soup. (They filled the restaurant) What these … [Read more...]

Optical Events-Eye Swaps to Beat Recession Blues

I'm sure that those who have -12.00 would love to swap eyes- but I'm talking about having a 'Recession Event to Swap Eyeglasses! Last week- I had my 25th annual clothing exchange. We clean out closets, swap clothing and donate the leftovers to a Women's Shelter. My friend Marilyn, came in wearing a pair of glasses I had given her (only worn 2x) - … [Read more...]

Interview with Leading Optometrist Eric M. White

Continuing our series of interviews with leaders in the field of optometry here is Interview Number 3 with Eric M. White, O.D. This follows Doctors Vision Center Interview with Sherrie Rogerson - VP of Strategic Marketing and our second with Joseph C. Mallinger, OD, MBA, FAAO - President/CEO of Vision West, Inc. I have known Eric since 1996 when … [Read more...]

Contact Lens- The Consumer Wants to Know

Another great tool you can use to find consumer trends is google.com/insights. These are just broad search patterns only. You can break out by web search, area, brand name and more. I plugged in Contact Lens and this is what came up. What this means- the states listed above have major amounts of consumers using the Internet to find contact … [Read more...]

New Concept- Zen and Eye Health

This was taken from one of the 'Free Press Releases' Sites. You can apply the same concept to your optical office! What I like: 1.) Great press release example 2.) Note the launch of a new client testimonial is a 'blip' in the buzz about the rest of their services. 3.) The 'Zen' Concept is very interesting and a differentiation from the … [Read more...]

Getting Ink- Publicity For The Optical Professional

'Publicity, Publicity, Publicity is the greatest moral factor and force in our public life.’ Joseph Pulitzer Don't want to hassle with Social Marketing? The good news- the tried and true old fashioned way of getting ink is still a viable form of getting FREE publicity for the optical professional.  Press Releases are 'new releases' that are … [Read more...]

iPhone Optical Marketing-Sherpa Coupon-FREE Stuff

I just downloaded on my iPhone the Coupon Sherpa (FREE). Instead of clipping coupons and getting even more junk mail, you can use coupons on your iphone! All the clerk has to do is scan the coupon from the phone. Makes a alot of sense to me. It offers you coupons by your area- so you can target market better! “We know that paper coupons will not … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Joseph C. Mallinger CEO Vision West

We are doing a series of interviews with leaders in Optical. Some are with people from small or large companies and others with their own individual practice but all have a unique perspective that we can learn from. Our first was with Sherrie Rogerson, VP of Strategic Marketing for Doctors Vision Center . For our second we are interviewing Joseph … [Read more...]

Optical Profitability- Appointment Setting

Do you focus on getting and tracking appointments? Having a full appointment book should guarantee a measure of success and profitability in an office. It also helps determine your break even point, i.e. having 50 appointments a month to pays the bills.  The crucial question- is appointment setting shared with all staff? If is isn't you might … [Read more...]

Healthy Vision Month- May and FREE Stuff

May is Healthy Vision Month- a great opportunity to call your patients and promote your office and eye health! Healthy Vision Month is sponsored by the National Eye Health Education Program of the National Eye Institute (NEI) Why not call up those patients you haven't seen for over a year?- Tell them May is Healthy Vision Month and in honor of … [Read more...]

Having Optical Fun- Crazy Sneaker Days!

I'm on this site called My Air Shoes- and they have this really fun and funky selection of sneakers! Here's a Talk Factor- start having a Crazy Sneaker Days and invite your patients, customers and potential customers to come in for a FREE Gift when they are wearing crazy Shoes! Or just make every Wednesday Crazy Sneaker Day and when your customers … [Read more...]

Successful Optical Trunk Shows

A vision care company I have worked with in the past does an optical trunk show every year for all employees in the same building. The volume of business done on this optical trunk show day is the biggest of the year and there is a plus from the residual effect of new and repeat customers that are generated from the event. They are located in a … [Read more...]

New Optical Patient Capture and Acquisition Program

This new product introduced at the Greater New York Dental Meeting will help dentists reach the YouTube generation. They offer both video and text- After reviewing the video, this sounds like the smoothest, easiest and lest time consuming way to reach the younger- mobile marketing and social media aware optical patients.   We think it's worth … [Read more...]