Optical Fun: Can’t Read this Parody

Dr. May and Dr. Martin pose as 40-year-old patients whose eyes are changing and they now find themselves struggling to read up close. The solution?? Glasses!! Presbyopia commonly affects people once they reach the 40's, and as Dr. Johnson raps, "It's not fair but it's a fact of life." This parody of MC Hammer's classic rap anthem "U Can't Touch … [Read more...]

Fun Video Of Mens Eyewear from 1930 To Today

Wonderful and clever video demonstrating mens eyewear from  the 1930's on to today. You may have seen it already, but we loved it so much just had to share it again. Eyewear was provided by Old Focals. … [Read more...]

Tura Expands Eyewear Collections by Gwen Stefani

Tura Inc., in combination with Grammy Award-Winning musician and fashion entrepreneur Gwen Stefani, is introducing a new line of sunglasses and optical eyewear for the L.A.M.B. and gx by Gwen Stefani brands. The collections offer a mixture of urban shapes, bold colors, and fashion forward styling. Both the L.A.M.B. and gx by Gwen Stefani … [Read more...]

Optical Fun- Blurred Vision Optometry Parody

Watch the Salus University (PCO) music video by the First Year ODs of Class 2017. Blurred Vision.. … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: The Dream wearing Sunglasses

Music video by The-Dream performing Love King. 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group. He is wearing four different types of black sunglasses. The girls seem to be wearing a combination of Stevie Boi/ Mercura NYC club wear looks, including lace and spikes. … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: I Got My Glasses On Song

The Wiggles' "I've Got My Glasses On" is taken from the debut release of The Wiggles' new line-up, 'Taking Off!'. It's all systems go as Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon releases their first sounds with 20 tracks of Wiggly fun! Available at all good retailers including The Wiggles Shop: http://bit.ly/TheWigglesTakingOffAlbum … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Chrissie Hynde Dark Sunglasses Song

Chrissie Hynde 'Stockholm', the debut solo album featuring another sunglass song. Chrissie Hynde is a budding singer, whom I never heard of .   … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Christina Aguilera x Madonna-Sunglasses Song (Unreleased 2013)

This was an left over track from Christina Aguilera's album Lotus. It is said that Britney Spears was originally suppose to be singing Madonna's part. The song is about sunglasses and I am not quite sure I get it.. maybe you do .   … [Read more...]

Noteable Eyecare Events: National Music Day is June 21

National Music Day is June 21 when musician all over the world band together to celebrate the benefit and joy of music. In celebrating, we though we would do a historical and health perspective on music in eyecare. It has been scientifically proven that music eases pain, increased motivation, helps you work out harder, helps in quality sleeping, … [Read more...]

Thick Black Rimmed Glasses Song

Black Thick-Rimmed Glasses Written, recorded and played by Aubrey Wood. Lyrics are listed ; Wont you let me try on those Black thick-rimmed glasses? Oh Ive spotted them this whole night. Wont you let me try on those Black thick-rimmed glasses? Oh I've spotted them this whole night. Wont you sing to me Of songs you wrote about us? And later … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Eyes Eyes Baby By Johnson Eye

I love this! I really love Eye Docs Rocking out! Set to the tune of Vanilla Ice's smash hit "Ice Ice Baby", "Eyes Eyes Baby" features local eye doctors, Dr. May, Dr. Martin, Dr. Hartman, Dr. Hammond and Dr. Johnson from Johnson Optometric Associates in Fuquay-Varina and Garner NC. This one is EPIC! "So give us a call at Johnson Optometric (and … [Read more...]

Wayback Wednesday- Hall And Oates Sunwear

Hall and Oates was and still is a musical duo that became very popular in the 1970's and 1980's. They are best known for their  No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100: "Rich Girl", "Kiss on My List", "Private Eyes", "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)", "Maneater", and "Out of Touch. They are being inducted in April of 2014 to the Rock and Roll Hall of … [Read more...]

RIP Jimi Hendrix 9/18/70- Celebrating Jimi Hendrix Eyewear

I was a Jimi Hendrix fan, unfortunately and to the best of my knowledge, I never saw him in concert. For those of us who grew up in the 1960's he was a huge name and I can't even believe that he died in 1970 of  asphyxiation in his own vomit, due to an overdose of sleeping pills. In todays time, we would of had a yearlong trial with the doctor, his … [Read more...]

The Eye Song

This was a review for class in nursing school. The topic was the eye. If The link is not working click here. "the eye song" "song of vision" "parts of the eye" "about the eyes" glaucoma "eye music video" "eye review" "nursing review" "NCLEX review" cornea sclera iris conjunctiva "optic nerve" "cranial nerve II" "original song" composition rock … [Read more...]

Eyes Are For Sight Song

This was created for a 6th grade class. If the link breaks click here. I'll tell you how your eyes work, (eyes work) 
If your eyes are seeing real good (word)
Seeing things where the light where it bounces off objects 
Then it enters your eyes
See, then some sensitive cells electric signal in the back of your head Comes a picture, the image … [Read more...]