Thrift Opt: Ilinois College of Optometry Parody

Our optical fun for the day from Illinois College of Optometry.   … [Read more...]

Eye Love Harlem Shakers And Movers- Like The Best Video Contest

We had more than we thought with Harlem Shakers and Challengers. What we decided to do is post all of the entries on our Facebook Page Click on your favorites for the winner to win FREE Hoya Lenses on Facebook.  Contest Winners to be decided by Friday. Total Eye Care Harlem Shake Video … [Read more...]

Absolute Vision Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

Absolute Vision Care does their version of the Harlem Shake. Those boys can dance! The link is here  Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: … [Read more...]

Abbey Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

Fribbit (Eye See Eye Learn Mascot) stopped by Abbey Eye Care and got caught up in the Harlem Shake! Where did that costume come from? (Link) … [Read more...]

Kentucky Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

The staff of Kentucky Eye Care, the state's first ophthalmology practice, does the Harlem Shake. … [Read more...]

The Human Eye Song

Nice song about the human eye, the words are listed below. MIght be a nice song to teach in a classroom? What do you think?   The human is a great thing to know, It's got lots of parts, but most of them don't show, It's got pupil, iris, rods and cones, And the retina, blind spot, sclera and lens The light goes through the pupil … [Read more...]

N2 Eyes Comprehensive Optometry Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

Got another entry on the Harlem Shake Challenge! What do you think of this one? Link … [Read more...]

Take the Harlem Shake Challenge And Most Likes Wins Lenses From HOYA

Hoya stepped up to the plate and is offering up to 3 FREE lenses for the most likes on the Harlem Shake Challenge. All you have to do is 1.) send us the link, or put it on Goggle+ . We will post it on our Facebook Page. Contest goes until After Vision Expo East! You can see other videos's here Bright Eyes Tampa Parmer Eye … [Read more...]

Dilzer Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge #2

Dilzer Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge again! Link … [Read more...]

Dilzer Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

Every time I see the Harlem Shaking, I just crack up! People rowing, people sweeping, I love it and they look like they are having a great time. Dilzer Eye Care … [Read more...]

Sevigny Associates Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

Life is stressful sometimes... Dr. Robyn Russell says have fun and do the Harlem Shake. Dr. Robyn Russell is an eye doctor specializing in children's vision. Children should have their first eye exam at 6 months. Learn more about children's vision and vision therapy at or visit our office in Wauchula or Arcadia. … [Read more...]

Parmer Eye Care Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge

We have not made the formal announcement but HOYA is offering 3 free lenses for the most votes in the Harlem Shake Challenge. Our 3rd entry from Parmer Eyecare … [Read more...]

Lyons Family EyeCare Takes The Harlem Shake Challenge!

I love it, Lyons Family Eyecare responds to Nate's Harlem Shake Challenge; Liking it! Want to challenge? Send us the YouTube link or post on Google+ HOYA To give away 3 FREE Lenses.. Details to be worked out. .no matter what, you too can TAKE THE HARLEM SHAKE CHALLENGE Here is the Link  … [Read more...]

Bright Eyes Tampa Issued The Harlem Shake Challenge

Nate Bonilla -Warford of Bright Eyes Tampa has issued the Harlem  Shake Challenge for eyecare offices. For those who don't know, The Harlem Shake Challenge is another one of those dances like PSY Gungham Style that has gone viral (13 million Hits) and spawned off wanna-be dancers from all over the world. As you can see.. it doesn't take learning … [Read more...]

Music In Eyewear: Honoring The Day The Music Died

February 3 is known as The Day The Music Died and immortalized by Don McClean's song  ''American Pie'. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and the pilot Roger Peterson were killed in an airplane accident while on tour. I got to thinking about how musicians have played a big part in making eyewear an important image … [Read more...]