Light Stabilizing Tinted Lenses

I am currently in the UK so I am taking the opportunity to post some interesting news snippets from across the pond. I read this story about light stabilizing tinted lenses in the London Times a couple of days ago. As most of you will not relate to cricket, please substitute the word cricket with baseball as the ball is about the same size and … [Read more...]

Eye News at A Glance-7/06/09

Opticians and Optometrists Optician's Office Burglarized In Hartford Hartford Courant - United States HARTFORD - Police said they are investigating an overnight break-in at an optician's office during which burglars stole eyeglasses and sunglasses. ...     “Buying Local” is a One-Stop Shop at North Hills Metro Magazine - … [Read more...]

Eye News At A Glance- Week July 3, 2009

Opticians-Optometrists in the News  Abstract art raises money for charity Your Local Guardian - England,UK-Mital Patel, who by day is an optometrist, will be the first to showcase his work at Kalula Cafe in the Wellington pub, Walton. The venue is committed to . Optician Ironman Team: Optician Team picks up more support By Chris Bennett -Last … [Read more...]

Board Certification Passed by AOA

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—After months of heated debate amongst the optometric community, the American Optometric Association’s House of Delegates voted for board certification during its annual meeting here today, capping off one of the most controversial and significant decisions for the profession in decades. The final verbiage is subject to the … [Read more...]

Eye News at A Glance

We receive so much information- here at The Optical Vision Site- and in our striving to become your number one resource for all things optical, we have started this new weekly post, with all the eye, vision, optical people  in the news updates at a glance. (Well not all- it's alot of information) 3 O's In The News Kevin Niksarli, MD of … [Read more...]

In Memory of Michael DeSanto and Phil Whitaker

Today is a very tough day- I just found out that another friend of mine, Phil Whitaker, also just passed away. Thinking back 30 years ago with Phil Whitaker, Charlie Pendrell, (retired, formerly Sierra Optical)  Ed Dietz, (Dietz Labs) Fred (Augen)  Tim Kirchberg, (Classique)  Dave Birch, (Maui Jim) and quite a few others what fun we used to have. … [Read more...]