Fun Optical Ad- Retro- Oliver Goldsmith Goggles

Interesting Optical Ad- Retro 1980's- Note how the same styles then are being recycled into the same styles to day! Update the music and Voila 'Goggles' 2009!  … [Read more...]

Fun Optical Songs- Refract That

Remix to 'Smack That' by Optometry nerds - Very Good- unfortunately- the Embedding was Disabled- Can't get the link to work- Refract That  … [Read more...]

Is This the Way to Amarillo- Optometry Style

I don't know if you are aware of this. 'Is this the Way to Amarillo' is a YouTube Song- resung and viewed by thousands of people. If you want to view all the Amarillo Songs, just plug in Amarillo Songs at YouTube watch a variety of people sing!  Watch this fun Optometry Version! … [Read more...]

Fun Optometry Student Song by J Dog

Optometry Idiot by J-Dog!! For and by  Optometry Students … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun- Optical Illusions

I always find these fun- optical illusions!  … [Read more...]

Fun Sunglass Ad- Ray Ban Commercial

What I find interesting about this Ray Ban ad- it's timeless- it could have been produced 30 years ago and still can inspire people to buy.  From … [Read more...]

Fun Sunglass Ad – Bank Robbery

[Read more...]

Fun Optical Songs- Sunglasses at Night (another version)

Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night … [Read more...]

Fun Sunglass Ad- Bikers Collection

[Read more...]

Optical Illusion Art

Sculpture Art at National Gallery Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. Created by Roy Lichtenstein American, 1923-1997 House I, 1996/1998 Fabricated and painted aluminum Gift of The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation 1998.147.1 … [Read more...]

YouTube Sing-Along- Glaucoma Song

I couldn't embed this video - but you have to go and visit and watch this really great video on Glaucoma. (I think they took it off because is a knockoff of  Justin Timberlake  But the lyrics are listed below. Sing along with them- Wouldn't this be fun to do at a party?  watch?v=OJMEfGFbFMI LYRICS *Verse I could see your optic nerve … [Read more...]

Light Made with Reused Sunglasses

I came across this absolutely wonderful site- Recycled Art Look what they did with Reused Sunglasses! Wouldn't this be a great light in your office! … [Read more...]

Fun Optical Songs- Welcoming Patients?

I only have 2 questions- does this bring in patients? How long does he do this for? … [Read more...]

Fun Optical Ads- Thailand

Shirley did this post on Thailand Optical shops. I thought I would should you their advertising. It's creative, it's funny and yet gets the point across.   … [Read more...]

Fun Optical Songs- Doctor My Eyes

DOCTOR MY EYES John Lee (vocals & banjo), Lori Lee (vocals & guitar), Dr. David Evans (mandolin), David Durham (upright bass), Steven "Spielberg" Evans (guitar) and John McGinty (sound man). Our 3rd video. … [Read more...]