Optical Fun: Baby Flip The Lenses One More Time

Dr. May & Dr. Martin are back with a new Britney Spears video!! They are joined by up-and-coming superstars Jessica and Yoana in this dance music video! Have you ever had a doctor flip the lenses too quickly?! Have you ever wanted your doctor to flip them just one more time?! Then watch and enjoy their newest video!! Lyrics: (written by … [Read more...]

#listday: Eleven Eyewear Books For Book Lovers Day

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and it struck me that one of ways that eyecare professionals can compete against online retailers is educating them via books, primarily through images. Having a few historical eyewear books in the reception room and talking about the historical significence and quality of the eyewear you offer might be a good … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Fresh Docs of Fuquay

Have you met the Fresh Docs of Fuquay...and Garner?? Dr. May and Dr. Martin take you on a tour of their back stories to the tune of that infectious "Fresh Prince" song. Learn how they each got interested in careers in optometry, while also watching some guest appearances from Drs. Johnson, Hartman, and Hammond. We hope you enjoy!! Lyrics: (by … [Read more...]

Blurry Optical Fun With Pokeman Pickachus

Pokeman has gone viral and some eyecare professionals are taking advantage of Pokemon Fever.   … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Can’t Read this Parody

Dr. May and Dr. Martin pose as 40-year-old patients whose eyes are changing and they now find themselves struggling to read up close. The solution?? Glasses!! Presbyopia commonly affects people once they reach the 40's, and as Dr. Johnson raps, "It's not fair but it's a fact of life." This parody of MC Hammer's classic rap anthem "U Can't Touch … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Do You Take My Insurance?

This is an old video on The medicine in my glasses running out and whether or not the doctor takes the insurance.   … [Read more...]

25 Summer Olympic Eyeglasses We Love To Wear

The Olympic Games start Aug 5- in Rio. Many people will be sporting their #Team #colors, but #eyewear fashionistas can sport various eyewear looks aside from patriotic colors. They could sport their favorite Olympic Event. We searched high and low for appropriate and fun Olympic Game Shades to show your love for the sport. Archery: I have no … [Read more...]

History of Sunwear In The Olympics

The Olympics have been around for 100's of years but the birth of modern Olympics was in 1898.  While many athetes wore sunglasses it appears that the major participant in Olympic Eyewear and Sunwear was RayBan, then Vuarnet. You can still find their Olympic Eyewear on ebay and vintage eyewear sites. Probably the best source of vintage olympic … [Read more...]

1932 Video Of Spectacles Through The Ages

We all love vintage eyewear videos. This video starts with a man dressed as Roger Baker holding large magnifying glass. The commentator tells us he is suspected by many to be the real inventor of spectacles. Then there is a man dressed as Samuel Pepys, he wore glasses with green lenses. Then a man as Isaac Newton looking at globe of the world. The … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches To Shark Tank

Just for a little opti-fun for Shark Week, Jimmy Kimmel through Jimmy Kimmel Laboratories comes up with three ideas for the Shark Tank. Very Funny.   … [Read more...]

Shark Tank Update With Nerdwax

What happens to people on Shark Tank? Don Hejny  (Season 7) speaks about how he started NerdWax. He reviews his job (s) waxes eloquently about being on Shark Tank and how to prepare for it. This a a long video, but interesting. … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Shark Tank: The Drip Drop

We loved this Shark Tank episode in which two 14 year old kids from Denver, Colorado who invented the Drip Drop. The Drip Drop solves the problem of dripping ice cream cones. These kids are so cute and the presentation was excellent. They did get an offer from Barbara with contingencies. Sources You Tube: Season 7, Episode 25 Drip Drop … [Read more...]

Shark Shack Sunglasses

Are their optical companies with Shark names? We found one in Florida, Shark Shack Sunglasses who has one review. … [Read more...]

The Eyewear Evolution of Nose Shades

Protecting noses was very important for mountaineers and anyone around the water. Nobody wants a sunburnt nose or skin cancer. Has nose protecting sunglasses ever become a fashion statement? The first advertising we could find was for nose protection. This advertorial in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1932 said: 'Equipped with a shield that … [Read more...]

The Eyewear Evolution of Side Shields

Side Shields were first used in three areas: Safety Glasses, Glacier Glasses and Motoring Glasses. All three had several things in common: Glass lenses, side shields and some safety straps. Everything to protect against the elements whether inside or outside. Glacier Sunglasses came with nose guards and side shields with cable temples.  Who … [Read more...]