Optical Vendor Promotions – Hollywood, Indy500 and Makeovers

We love promotions and freebies and we know you do as we got a lot of comments and requests for more information when we did the Vision Expo East Free Stuff post. Here is information on optical vendor promotions that a few of our sponsors are doing that we think are good fun and great value. What do you think? We like your comments as it helps … [Read more...]

Vote Now – Weird And Oddly Named Optical Vendors

Many of our readers do not know we have an Optical Wholesale Directory; Optical Vision Resources. In putting together this vendor optical directory we came across some very unusual names and thought we would put it to our readers on what is the most unusual, weird, funky, unique, awful, gross names or even  the purpose of the name? Give us your … [Read more...]

Take A Trip On ClearVision Optical To Indy 500 Race!

ENTER BETWEEN APRIL 1stand MAY 6th ClearVision Hosts IZOD IndyCar® Series Sweepstakes ClearVision Optical, a leader in the eyewear industry, offers industry eyecare professionals a chance to enter its 2nd Annual IZOD IndyCar® Series Sweepstakes. Two winners will each win a trip to the official Indy 500® race – with a guest! An exclusive … [Read more...]

Eyes of Faith Know Veggies are Good for Children’s Vision

Eyes of Faith has signed a new licensing agreement with  Big Idea Entertainment to design a new line of VeggieTales children’s eyewear, which will have wholesale distribution through independently-owned and operated optical practices. We got to meet a couple of the veggies while we were at Vision Expo over  the weekend and we can tell you it is … [Read more...]

Transitions Optical, Santinelli and VSP Provide Mobile Eyecare

Transitions Optical and VSP Vision Care are launching a mobile eyecare clinic containing a state-of-the-art, comprehensive eye exam room, full eye glass dispensary and a full-service finishing lab with the capability to produce and distribute customized eye glasses to serve communities in need. The inaugural event in Florida will kick-off a … [Read more...]

Eye On Digital Signage Product Comparisons- Things To Know

You see Digital Signage everyplace, at the Gas Station, at the grocery store, at the Bank, because digital signage sells products. (I know, last time at the gas station, I bought a cup of coffee which I never do!). It's hard not to know which system could be right for you. Paul Salsberg over at EyeStarTV wanted to improve their digital Signage … [Read more...]

Important Eyecare Supplies From Amcon-The Eyecare Supply Center

I don't know if our readers are aware of this, but Amcon, The eyecare supply center, has a blog called the Amcon Gazette. We subscribe to the blog and recommend that you do as well. Anyway they have done a few posts that are interesting and eye -provoking with some subjects that we have never thought about before. Some excerpts from their blog … [Read more...]

Breaking News-Opticote Coating Lens Lab Signs As Sponsor!

I just love writing Breaking News! Opticote our newest sponsor is a lens coating lab located in Franklin Park, Illinois. They started out initially  in 1971 in color coating eyeglass lenses and filters for military and aerospace applications- so they must know what they are doing! In order to reduce human error they started automating their process … [Read more...]

Welcome Amcon Labs to the Optical Vision Site

Amcon, The Eyecare Supply Center has been serving the eye care industry for 31 years. In that time Amcon has evolved from a contact lens supply company to a major manufacturer and distributor of optical, laboratory, exam, contact lens, children's and laser vision products. It is the one-stop-shop for over 4000 quality eyecare products serving … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan’s Sunglasses

I came across this picture of Lindsay Lohan, vacationing in St. Barths over the new year, on Stylist.com. According to the story she kept her bikini on long after her beach day was over, wearing the tiny two-piece during a stroll through town, and even during a shopping trip with sister, and continued past sunset. She kept her sunglasses on too! … [Read more...]

Rons Optical- Eye Candy For Eyecare

At Vision Expo, I always have to go by Ron's Optical, because their booth display looks so yummy and inviting. Then I have to look at Melissa Scoppettone shoes (she has great taste). I recommend anyone to go their booth, because they show you how to display optical fashion accessories for  increased sales. They should know, Ron's Optical … [Read more...]

Welcome Nanofilm to the Optical Vision Site

Cathy and I are very pleased to welcome Nanofilm to the Optical Vision Site. I have been reading up on the company to help me write the introduction here and found out that I should not be cleaning my eyeglasses with dish soap. Oops! M0st of you probably knew that already but not me and if I don't know then for sure most eyewear consumers don't … [Read more...]

Zyloware’s Jamie Shyer- ‘Dawg’ Rescuer

When you first meet Jamie Shyer of Zyloware and the Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection (You Dawg! )  he will ask if you have met his dogs. He then pulls out a picture of his family and the 7 dogs he has rescued. Yes, 7 dogs, that he takes care of along with his wife and kids. Ask him where he gets them, tearfully he tells you about the time he picked … [Read more...]

Easy Eye Catching Holiday Displays By Fashion Optical

HOLIDAY MERCHANDISING TIPS From Fashion Optical Displays Sunwear makes a great gift...even if to one's self! Get out your best-sellers and highlight them for all to see! Work with eye-catching props, but don't over-do it...let your merchandise stand out. … [Read more...]

Fashion Optical Displays Keeping The Eyecare Professional Updated And Competitive

Any company that is based in a city called Paradise, has to be a great company, and I would have to say that about Fashion Optical Displays. I have known and seen Fashion Optical products for the 30 years they have been in business, but it has only been a year since I have gotten to know the people and they are some of the nicest people I have ever … [Read more...]