Costa Del Mar sunglasses have been long time favorites of both my husband and myself. We both wear Costa Del Mar sunglasses on a regular basis. I am happy to announce that Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are a new sponsor. I have been angling to get them to be a sponsor for a while as I like the product so much and want to see them in more optical … [Read more...]

Walman Optical – New Optical Vision Site Sponsor

Walman Optical - New Optical Vision Site Sponsor is a headline to be proud of as this is an optical company we have admired for a long time and we are honored to have them as a sponsor. This is a company known as much for its values as its products. These core values are: Customer Focus Technical Excellence Innovative Solutions Lifelong … [Read more...]

Breaking News! Hoya Signs as Optical Vision Site Sponsor

We love making these announcements! HOYA Signs up with The Optical Vision Site! HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. Products Offered : Laboratory Services- 17 Dedicated HOYA Labs plus almost every local lab- … [Read more...]

Breaking News! ClearVision Signs as Sponsor

I've always wanted to write that! BREAKING NEWS! For us this is Breaking News- ClearVision just signed up as a sponsor! Both Shirley and I are very excited because not only do we wear ClearVision Eyewear, we know and like the ClearVision people! If you don't know about ClearVision, -this year they are celebrating their 60th Year of Business and … [Read more...]

Green Optical Vendors- Walman

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—Walman Optical has announced goals for its 2009 sustainability projects, programs through which the company plans to reduce its carbon footprint by decreasing the company’s overall energy consumption by 20 percent and converting 30 percent of its energy consumption to renewable energy sources by the end of 2009. Marty Bassett, … [Read more...]

Green Optical Vendors- Essilor

I found this article by Armstrong on Essilor- recycling their ceilings. (old article) but it let's you know that Essilor does not 'Greenwash" ! 'Essilor of America, one of the country's largest manufacturers of contact and other corrective lenses, focused its attention on the environment recently by recycling its old acoustical ceiling tiles … [Read more...]

Optical Vendors- A Primary Source of Referrals

How many times has an optical vendor come into your office and you retreat to the back room? Have you ever ignored one of your vendors? Stood them up for an appointment? Treated them rudely? Your optical vendors can be your best advocates in getting and keeping new patients.  As a field eyeglass rep for over 25 years, I have carefully trained my … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Use Co-op Advertising for the Optical Professional

I did a post on Co-op Advertising. You might think it is not for you, but there are many creative ways to use Co-op. You definitely have to get vendor approval for some of the below listed marketing ideas. Check them out, it might work for you. 1.) Print Advertising Yellow Pages Direct Mail Val-Pak Magazines Newspapers Freebie … [Read more...]

10 Keys to Optical Vendor Tracking

Getting help from your vendors can help you with the success of your office. Keeping track of all the various programs, education, events and even trade support can be challenging. We highly recommend you have a form (on the computer) for each vendor you see. We count each rep as a vendor.  This form should be discussed with each of your reps in … [Read more...]

Inventory Management- Analyze What is Selling

I don't know how many offices I have asked, how many frames a month do you sell? How many eye exams did you have? The buyer doesn't know. They should know- this is the budget and how you track how many patients have walked out the door without making a purchase. If you sell 100 frames a month at an average of $60.00 a frame, the budget is … [Read more...]

Opportunities with Make Up Glasses

                    One of the reasons I hardly wear make up anymore, is because I can't see to put it on. Even though it's a great excuse not to buy makeup (saving money and the environment) there are times that it is really needed! (in a survey, 64 per cent of directors said that women who wore make-up look more … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Optical Trade Show

How many times have you been to a Trade Show and not been prepared? No business cards? Hotel room 20 miles away? It happens, but below is some Helpful Hints on preparing for a Trade Show. Pre-Plan Pre-register- Registering in advance saves you money. It will also insure you get the classes you want. Many trade shows offer bungled … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Maximize Optical Co-op Advertising

Beginning of the year- you have a marketing plan and a budget, hopefully you did not forget to consider Co-op Advertising as a way to stretch your advertising dollars. Co-op is one of the most under utilized methods of advertising and marketing. Co-op Advertising is a cost-sharing arrangement between you, manufacturers or your suppliers. Whether … [Read more...]

Green Optical Vendors – The Consumer Wants to Know

I am an admitted treehugger, but this is not about me- this is about the consumer who wants to know who is green in the eyecare industry and who do they support. Go to Green Girls Global and check out the comments if you don't think it matters. So I thought I would do a post on who's doing what in the Environmental Arena. The following companies … [Read more...]

Buying Groups 101 By Vision West

We just got our first sponsor- Vision West (VWI)! Vision West is an optical buying group located in Oceanside, California. I want to extend a special Thanks to them for supporting the ECP, education and us!. So I got to thinking- many ECP's probably don't know what a buying group it. So thought I would answer some FAQ's. What is a buying … [Read more...]