Eye How: Briot Edging Tip – Premium Lenses

Optical providers are processing more high-end premium lenses. What steps can help avoid processing problems and redos? If your edger has automatic pre-sets for the lens material, such as Trivex or polycarbonate, this setting will automatically choose the correct pressure and cycle variables. Your edger manufacturer can help select the right … [Read more...]

Eyehow – Eliminating Lens Edge Fractures

I was recently talking to the Vision-Ease folks about today’s more sophisticated lens materials and how they can be affected by thermal or chemical stress, which may result in fractures. I thought this was a good subject to follow up so I asked several of our sponsors for some expert tips on Eliminating Lens Edge Fractures. They provided a lot of … [Read more...]

Focusing on emPower!

This was a very fun assignment for me - reporting on our competition winner from "Win a Pair of emPower! or Free Trip to Vision Expo East 2012".  Brenda is shown receiving her prize - emPower! electronic focusing eyeglasses provided by Pixel Optics. We thought it would be interesting for our readers to hear about the process: 1. Brenda … [Read more...]

Opti-fun – Ancient Eye Exam Chart

Thank you to U.S. Vision for sponsoring today's opti-fun Anceint Eye Exam Chart. U.S. Vision has positions open for independent doctors of optometry. (We promise you their eye exam equipment is very modern!) … [Read more...]

Harry’s Law Optical Crimes

I get  a little obsessive checking out the eyewear styles and eyewear habits of TV characters. We have discussed Diane Keaton's "Optical Crime" and  Brenda's bad eyewear habits from The Closer. It seems that Tommy's character from the NBC drama Harry's Law has the same bad habit of taking his glasses on and off, on and off just like Brenda. This … [Read more...]

Fog Free Lenses – Why Does it Matter? Eye Want to Know….

Lately, there has been a lot of enthusiasm in the ophthalmic industry about coatings and topical applications that prevent lenses from fogging up. We asked one our favorite coating experts,  Michael Bellomo of Opticote to write a guest post for us on the subject of fog free lenses and why does fog free matter? Eye Want to Know....Here it is, we … [Read more...]

Search and Rescue Dogs Eye Exam

Cool video from Health Central of Search and Rescue Dogs getting their eye exams! Today's Opti-fun is sponsored by VISIONIX developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and laboratories.         … [Read more...]

Eyewear – Fashion vs Function

I recently read The Vision Council's 2011  Vision Watch Fashion vs. Function Eyewear Report and at first I was a little perplexed by its findings until I thought them through. In February of 2011, 10,000 American adult consumers in the U.S. were surveyed to determine whether eyewear users and buyers value the fashion aspect or medical … [Read more...]

$50 For Your Education Comments

Attention Eyecare Professionals: Would you like to make $50 and get educated? You can, check out the Vision Expo Education Highlights below and tell us what you want to learn at Vision Expo West this year. We have four $50 American Express Gift Checks from Vision Expo to give out  for the best comments received before August 16, 2011.We also want … [Read more...]

Progressive Lens Smartphone App

I was on an Optiboard forum reading ECP's comments about progressive lenses, generated from the question "Which PAL do you currently use?" I was intrigued by how many different brands were named as ECPs preferences were shown on the forum's thread. There was  such a variety of preferences, including Hoya, Kodak, Shamir Autograph, Zeiss Gradal and … [Read more...]

Men’s European Fashion Trends

We always enjoy looking at Tommy Ton's photo blog from style.com. He blogged last week from the Men's European Fashion Shows. Here are some of his pictures with eyewear, because as you know, usually it is Europe first and the USA follows! But we have some matching styles right here in the USA right now! Never too young to wear aviators: Stetson … [Read more...]

Building a Medi-Cal Eyecare Practice Interview

FirstSight Vision Services recently opened a freestanding clinic adjacent to North County Health Services in San Marcos, CA. This optometry clinic accepts Medi-Cal serving both children and adults helping to bridge a gap for an under served part of the population. Dr. Lau’s practice is located within this clinic. Most of the offices that employ … [Read more...]

Why do I Choose Trivex for my Eyeglasses?

Actually, I didn't start off making this choice myself but as I have a habit of picking out new optical frames that are drilled rimless, the lab usually tells me to provide lenses in Trivex material as it is the least affected by drilling, which reduces or eliminates the possibility of star cracks or breakage. That same tensile strength and lack of … [Read more...]

International Standards Organization Meets in Las Vegas

Sponsored by Corning Incorporated and other optical companies Alexandria, VA (November 4, 2010) – The optical arm of the International Standards Organization (ISO) met in Las Vegas in September to continue its work in developing standards for global use. Over 120 participants from 13 countries joined in this meeting, which was hosted by the … [Read more...]

New Optical Technology – 3D Eyewear What the ECP Should Know

The hottest technology must be the IPad as it is definitely the marketing tool de jour everywhere and nowhere more so than Vision Expo West this past few days.  Shamir Lens even announced that all their sales reps will be using  IPads for presentations from now on.....But maybe the new 3D technology that we heard about will soon be just as hot. … [Read more...]