Philanthropy Good for Your Heart and Your Optical Business Too!

Here is the latest installment of ClearVision Optical's "Helpful Hints"  - How philanthropy can be good for your heart and your optical business, too. In tough economic times, charities and philanthropic organizations are often among the first to feel it when people cut back on their expenses. The loss of income, or the simple fear of losing … [Read more...]

What Are You Looking For at Vision Expo?

That's the question we asked a couple of months ago and Dawn Rakich, O.D. of San Antonio, our $100 AMEX gift certificate winner says "Since Vision Expos are so BIG, I go always looking for things that are new that I would not see if I weren’t there. We always go looking for a new frame line that is current and possibly exclusive to us, a least at … [Read more...]

Wiley X and Playing Polo is Not for Crybabies!

Why do we say that? Because recently we have seen what is really involved with playing polo plus according to my Google search  on "The Top Tens dangerous sports list #2 is Horseback riding". Just yesterday, Charlotte  witnessed a polo player being stitched up by a vet (yes a vet) after being hit in the face with a polo mallet, he didn't have time … [Read more...]

Free Form Lenses Explained

We have  done a few posts about free form lenses and discussed them regarding all types of progressive lens design comparisons. Free Form lens brands include Autograph by Shamir, Hoya Summit IQ, Kodak Unique, Zeiss GT2 3D and these are just a few. We have posted about how to sell digital lenses. But we realize not everybody in the optical lens … [Read more...]

Successful Optometrist Shares Social Media Secrets – Working 24/7

We are just kidding about the 24/7 part but before interviewing Nathan Bonilla-Warford, O.D., F.A.A.O. of Bright Eyes Family Vision Care of Tampa, we felt that because he so active and visible that he must be doing optical social media marketing 24/7. Dr. Bonilla-Warford says about this  comment that people  do wonder how he can spend so much … [Read more...]

Middle America Comes to Las Vegas for Eyewear Trends

It might be Fashion Week in New York right now but it will be Eyewear Fashion Week in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks! As Sheridan Lewis of Tulsa, Oklahoma says about coming to International Vision Expo West:  "I love to see the new glasses trends. As someone who works in conservative Middle America, I love seeing the new styles that everyone … [Read more...]

The Eyecessorize Blog and $5 Sunglasses

We recently posted about the Today Show's feature on sunglasses and the need to let optical consumers know the differences between low priced sunglasses and high priced sunglasses - Polarized Sunglasses - Don't Be Cheap. We think that The Eyecessorize Blog has a great response to this and other reports as well. This is the official blog for The … [Read more...]

Eyecare Providers – $50 or $100 American Express Gift Card for Your Comment

Both Cathy and I run around like crazy at International Vision Expos, so much great new product and exciting alliances being set up. We try to meet with as many people as possible and “Expand Our Field of Vision”. It is important for our optical blog business to see what is going on and we can meet a lot of other optical industry people at the … [Read more...]

Attention Optical Practices – Are Your Lenses Meeting New ANSI Standards?

This is very important information for eyecare professionals with in-house processing especially as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) earlier this month approved a series of updates to the Z80.1 standard for prescription spectacle lenses. Overseen by the Z80 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) for Ophthalmic Optics, which consists … [Read more...]

A Simple Lesson in Back to School Sales by ClearVision Optical

Helpful Hints by ClearVision Optical: A Simple Lesson in Back to School Sales With summer in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about those three words that parents and retailers love: Back to School. A U.S. Census Bureau study found that Americans spent upwards of $7.2 billion dollars on clothing in August 2009 alone. This leads us to … [Read more...]

Interview with Anh Nguyen, O.D. – FirstSight Vision Services, Inc.

This is my third interview with a FirstSight Vision Services OD but I specifically wanted to talk to Dr. Nguyen as she is also the Director of Quality Assurance for FirstSightVision Services, Inc. and I know many of our readers are interested about this aspect of the business. Dr. Nguyen graduated from SCCO in 2003 and went to work as an … [Read more...]

New way of correcting vision is safer than laser

A new way of correcting your eyesight could be safer than current laser technology – and it is just as effective. The new technology, called phakic IOLs (intraocular lenses), has so far been reserved for extreme cases of myopia, or short-sightedness. However, a new review suggests it could be used for almost everyone who is thinking of laser eye … [Read more...]

Spice Up Vintage Sunglass Frames with New Tints

Cathy and I have some vintage frames that we don't wear but don't want to part with either. Opticote just sent us their newest color samples and it gave us the idea of a way to spice up our vintage sunglass frames with new tints and lenses. I have an old pair of cat eye pink Ellen Tracy sunglasses, I love the color and shape of the frame but the … [Read more...]

Selling Unique Eyewear

Cathy and I love wearing unique eyewear but we are in the optical biz so we should be a little more daring but what about the general optical consumer? We know that certain optical retailers specialize in marketing unique eyewear and we thought it would be interesting to find out more about the subject from an optical retail point of … [Read more...]

Moody Eyes Musings – Independent Optometrist

I interviewed Dr. Penn Moody, owner of Moody Eyes, last September (Penn Moody, OD talks about .....) mainly to ask him about his experience with atLast by Pixel Optics. I did not make it through all my questions so I thought it would be good to continue our interview a few months later and get some more Moody Eyes Musings..... One of the … [Read more...]