Milan is Calling Eyewear Fashion Watchers

The Fashion Shows are well underway in Milan, the center of the fashion world for many, and soon MIDO will be going on and we will get to see what is new and exciting in the eyewear fashion world. In the meantime, here is a little Milan street fashion for you  from Tommy Ton's Best Street Shots - Italy. Beautiful eyewear shot Tommy! … [Read more...]

Internet Shopping for Eyewear Altered My Vision – John Lennon

A personal account of an eyewear consumers Internet shopping experience. Very interesting reading for any you contemplating getting in to the Internet eyewear business and/or if you are concerned about competing with Optical Internet sites: Internet shopping for eyewear altered my vision by Hazel Platzer: I had an idea it would be easy to … [Read more...]

Looking to Save Money – Vision Expo East 2010

I can't believe that Vision Expo East 2010 is almost upon us, I quickly made my airline reservation yesterday to make sure I got one of those super saver fares. One of the benefits of our tough economy right now is the plethora of good travel offers that you can take advantage of. Cathy and I take advantage of as many as we can and  we are finding … [Read more...]

Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision - By Leonard Bertoli, O.D. As a practicing optometrist for 20 years, I’ve made vision my life. My career has been dedicated to helping my patients see their best, make the most of their vision and understand the impact that eye health can have on their quality of life. Outside of my optometry practice, I’ve always had an … [Read more...]

Optical Women’s Association One Minute Mentor

Cathy and I are long term members of the Optical Women's Association. I am one of the founders of the OWA's mentoring program so I always pay particular attention to OWA's One Minute Mentor. I thought that the 12-07-2009 one by Jodi Groh was inspiring so here it is: Visual Acuity - What Do We Really See? by Jodi Groh I recently volunteered at a … [Read more...]

Welcome Amcon Labs to the Optical Vision Site

Amcon, The Eyecare Supply Center has been serving the eye care industry for 31 years. In that time Amcon has evolved from a contact lens supply company to a major manufacturer and distributor of optical, laboratory, exam, contact lens, children's and laser vision products. It is the one-stop-shop for over 4000 quality eyecare products serving … [Read more...]

Welcome Nanofilm to the Optical Vision Site

Cathy and I are very pleased to welcome Nanofilm to the Optical Vision Site. I have been reading up on the company to help me write the introduction here and found out that I should not be cleaning my eyeglasses with dish soap. Oops! M0st of you probably knew that already but not me and if I don't know then for sure most eyewear consumers don't … [Read more...]

The State of Optometry – Opti-Research

I saw this report, The Sate of Optometry white paper from First Vision Media Group, just before the holidays started and had planned to do an article. However, as I started looking at it I saw that it is more than one article as there is a lot of interesting information plus new research! It  includes … [Read more...]

January is National Optician Month

January is National Opticians Month.  The Opticians Association of America has requested a "Proclamation of Support" from every Governor in the United States for this very special month.  The letter of request and the draft proclamation of support are available on the OAA Website (click here). At the same time the Opticians Association of … [Read more...]

See Inside the Box! The OD Next to Walmart Talks to OVS

This is our second Walmart OD interview, the first one was with Robert D. Gentile, O.D. who has his practice in the San Marcos, CA Walmart location. This time we interviewed Dr. Haleh Guilak in Temecula, CA who has been with the company one year. Both are independent O.D.’s who contract with FirstSight Vision Services. Dr. Guilak has been … [Read more...]

San Diego Hotbed Of Optical Companies

Again I read about how much in debt San Diego ($179 Million and counting) is in. Combined with the financial crisis in California I just had to write this story about San Diego Optical and Eyecare Vendors. Please buy something from them, so they can pay more taxes and maybe we can get out of our financial hole!  Who knew that our sleepy little town … [Read more...]

Bess the Book Bus – Transitions and Optical Partners

We love to report good deeds from our Optical Industry friends and sponsors. We are very interested in Bess the Book Bus. Transitions Optical, Inc. and several industry partners teamed up with Tampa native Jennifer Frances and her mobile literacy program, “Bess the Book Bus,” to provide free eye screenings to nearly 350 students at West Shore … [Read more...]

In Office Edging – Free Webinar

Do you do your own lens edging or are you thinking about doing in-office lens edging. This might be the webinar for you - More Answers to the In-Office Edging Dilemma. Brought to you by The Partnership for In-Office Edging, this 40-minute webinar will be hosted by Mark Mattison-Shupnick, Andy Karp, and a panel of experts from PiE. They will … [Read more...]

Transitions Introduces Eye Care Communication Guide

We have subscribers from all over the world,  more than 80 different countries which is why we have the Google Translator feature on our site enabling our blogs to be read in several languages. We like to spread the word in as many languages as possible but especially Spanish as it is such an important one here in California as well as the whole … [Read more...]

Talking to a “Big Box” Optometrist

There are many O.D.'s working in Big Box stores and since FirstSight is one our sponsors I thought I would take the opportunity to talk to an independent optometrist who contracts with FirstSight and get some scoop! I interviewed Robert D. Gentile, O.D. who has his practice in the San Marcos, CA Walmart location. He has been the "Big Box" … [Read more...]