The Future of The Eyecare Industry And Marketing

As we go into 2018,  it behooves an eyecare practice to take a minute or a day to evaluate the practice and optical industry trends and your marketing plans for the year and upcoming years. The Vision Council's report on Trends is a good place to start. Over the past couple of years, it seems like there are dozens of businesses trying to … [Read more...]

18 Eyecare Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs Day

November 21 is Entrepreneurs Day which always falls on the 3rd Tuesday of every November. An Entrepreneur is defined as' person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.' which describes every independent eyecare practice including opticians, optometrists and … [Read more...]

Words Matter

This morning I was in line to get coffee when the gentleman in front of me took particular umbrage to the sign posted next to the register. He did not have a credit card on him and stormed out of the shop complaining about their incompetence. As if he expected a coffee shop to be staffed with MBA’s instead of aspiring philosophy and art … [Read more...]

Signet Armorlite Opens 2nd Kodak Lens Eyecare Center

CARLSBAD, CA (November, 2017) -- Signet Armorlite, Inc. announces the next strategic phase of its US professional services initiative with the launch of the second KODAK Lens| Heitmeier Eyecare location in New Orleans, LA. This KODAK Lens initiative continues to provide independent eyecare professionals (iECPs) that are committed to dispensing … [Read more...]

Four Holiday Windows For Eyecare Professionals

Are we all amazed that the Holiday Season starts in October? You go to pick up Halloween candy and already Holiday Stuff are on display. For retailers the world over the top shopping months start in September with Back To School. So the question arises, when do you start with Holiday Windows? Before Thanksgiving to take advantage of Black … [Read more...]

Avoiding The “War on Christmas” in Your Eyecare Practice

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start prepping for family gatherings, good food, and white elephant gift exchanges. Tis’ a time for cheer and happiness, but recently the holiday season has brought about a topic of controversy that all businesses must address. We’ve noticed a few conversations pop up online regarding the … [Read more...]

TO DO: Prepare For Mobile Shopping During Holidays

As you prepare for the holidays, there are a few items to make note of and be prepared for. In particular Online Shopping is growing.  Therefore make sure your website is mobile friendly, beef up your #hashtags and online social media selling sites. Amazon Shipped more than 1 billion items in 2016 making it their best year ever and sales up 9x … [Read more...]

Preventing Theft in Retail Businesses

As we enter into the busiest time of the year, it is important to pay special attention to thieves and remind all staff on theft prevention measures. Theft is rampant among all retail businesses and optical is no exception. Here we share a number of steps you can take to keep product, and dollars, from walking. How much is really being … [Read more...]

How To Promote Made In America Eyecare Products

America Made Matters Day is November 19 of every year. With the consumer is increasingly looking to support both Local and Made in America Products, Eyecare Professional can set up a Store within a Store Concept in their office, a designated spot just for Made in America products. Is made in USA products important? According to a 2015 Consumer … [Read more...]

Eyecare Retail Strategies In 2018: Pop Up Stores

As eyecare professionals are looking for new ways to reach consumers, you might reconsider POP UP Stores, which is now more that a trend.. it is a way of doing business. In fact Pop Up Republic now puts the value of Pop-Ups at $50 billion.. That $50 Billion includes eyecare as well as celebrity POP UPs with featured limited edition products from … [Read more...]

New Online Eyecare Directory

So many directories so little time..manta, citysearch, yellowpages, YELP, expertise, Angie's List.. the list goes on and one  and here we are introducing a new state- city- national eyecare directory called Glasses Local. Glasses Local started out this year (2017) as a result of several optical professionals wanting a good directory of independent … [Read more...]

GSRx Launches First E-Commerce Site Exclusively for Independent Practices

CPs will retain control of the dispense and keep the profits from online sales Scottsdale, AZ -- GSRx, Inc. has announced the launch of, an optical e-commerce site created to provide independent practices with an online presence to capture more optical sales.  This provides an additional opportunity for practices to sell to … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Accessibility for Every Online Audience

We are so focussed on eyewear and vision that we might tend to forget other impaired audiences that also go online and need eye exams.  Ran across a good article on Accessibility for Every Online Audience, that is an interesting read for those who are looking to update their online presence. As of 2012, there were roughly 7.6 million web … [Read more...]

The 7 P’s Of Marketing For Eyecare Professionals

We ran across this old post from 2010 and it serves to remind us, that despite all the new technology, despite social media, the same 7P's are still as good today as they were 200 years ago. The 7Ps: People, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging and Positioning are the fundamental elements for successful marketing. The dynamics of these … [Read more...]

It’s All About Us From Rapp Optical

We are on many websites and about six months ago, I came to the revelation that many offices and online eyewear companies say very little about themselves. Who they are and what they do and why someone should buy from them. As eyecare pros, do you ever look at how your website and your 'About Us' is differentiating yourself from the competition, … [Read more...]