10 Halloween Facebook Contests

Here it is again; customer engagement, the big buzz words of social media. Coming into one of the biggest global events of the year... so what do you do? Have Facebook Contest: Top 10 Best Halloween Facebook Contest Ideas Best Halloween Costumes Best Halloween Makeup Best Halloween Pets Best Halloween Houses Best … [Read more...]

Why The Think About Your Eyes Campaign Is Good For ECP’s

As online sales have grown, the one factor that is missing is the importance of eye health, specifically an annual eye exam. The best way to get the word  out is directly to the consumer, which is why this is such great news for eyecare professionals, that The Vision Council will be contributing $3 Million to the Think About Your Eyes … [Read more...]

Eyewear Curators Part 4: Ethical Fashion

As consumers start to Green Up they are spending more on Ethical Shopping. For them it makes sense to Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good and they want to spend their money with socially responsible companies that address environmental and social issues. This market is proven to be recession proof and growing up to 20% per year. Big Retail and … [Read more...]

Eyewear Curators: Capsule Collections: Part 3

We have reviewed changing the way eyecare professionals look at how they segment their eyewear. First we wrote about Marketing in Curated Eyewear with part 2 taking a look the Niche-Riche-Funk Frames sector and how it has evolved. Now we are going to talk about Capsule Collections; You have most likely heard of capsule collections. The term … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Compete Against Amazon

So much screaming against online retailers and companies such as Warby Parker, but never once has anyone screamed about the biggest elephant in the room Amazon. While Amazon cannot give an exam you can buy eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers and accessories all on Amazon for a good price. It is easy to do as over 171 Million people log into Amazon … [Read more...]

Eyecare Trends: Membership Subscription Shopping

For years consumers have gotten used to membership shopping: Credit Cards, Travel, Cost-Co and Amazon Prime. Consumers in the U.S. hold 3.3 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs. A 2015 survey by COLLOQUY says that specialty store loyalty memberships now total 434 million. (Eyecare could fall in this category) Retailers such as REI … [Read more...]

Eyewear Curators: Funk and Fun Frames Part 2

Eyecare professionals may discount this category of funky eyewear: saying it's stupid, you can't Rx it, takes up too much space for little return, not my market, they don't like the look or take the look seriously.  Yet this novelty-niche-rich market is growing and will continue to make waves in the arena of Fun and Funk. It is one way to stand … [Read more...]

Websites That Drive Me Crazy

Like most bloggers, we are on over 100 websites a day and continually look for interesting new ideas, viral news, trends and new products. With many companies that come and go, we often investigate the company to see if they are legit and still in business. As time has gone on there are a few things on both Websites and Facebook that drive me crazy … [Read more...]

GSRx Launches Proper Optics

Scottsdale, AZ (July, 2016) -- With more and more private-pay patients leaving their independent practice to buy eyewear somewhere else, independent ECPs need a solution that is both competitive and high-quality.  Now GSRx, Inc. has developed that solution with their Proper Optics Eyewear line. Proper Optics offers stylish, high-quality … [Read more...]

10 Online Selling Strategies For Eyecare Professionals

Shamir had some fantastic selling online strategies for eyecare professionals if you choose to get into the online retail arena. Online can complement in-store, for sure. Here we feature 10 ways to sell online without selling out, plus tips on how to balance brick with click. Tip: Don’t sell the same eyewear online that you do at your … [Read more...]

Case Study in Direct Pay Practice

I wonder what would happen if eyecare professionals would just say no! Listen to this video of Josh Umbehr MD in Wichita, Kansas who discusses working directly with his patients. By cutting out the insurance and government bureaucrats he has lowered the cost for the patients and increases the quality of care they receive. Presentation from … [Read more...]

Fuel3D Receives Funding to Build 3D System for Eyewear

3D scanning technology leader secures €1.7 million from EU’s Horizon 2020 SME instrument programme Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, announced it has been awarded funding of €1.7 million (£1.2 million) from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under No. 710384. The funding comes from the “SME … [Read more...]

Buying Social Media Cred

I think most of us know we can't trust all YELP reviews. In fact if you are a true cynic you probably don't trust most social media recommendations. Now there is a new e-commerce site called Yuno, in which Yuno rewards consumers for influencing social networks. "As the company’s name suggests, ‘Yuno’ helps the consumer benefit not from what they … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Re-launches Eyecessorize

The Vision Council’s Eyecessorize campaign promotes the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear. They just re-launched their revamped website, Eyecessorize.com. For the past six months, The Vision Council has been working to build the new site, which merges the pre-existing Eyecessorize.com site with the EyecessorizeBlog.com blog. Users who … [Read more...]

Vision Live In San Diego With Dr. Ben Moshe

Continuing on in San Diego in the small beach community of Ocean Beach speaking to Dr. Eli Ben Moshe. I knew the optometrist that Eli bought the practice from. Dr. Eli Ben Moshe discusses dispensing from the chair for multi-pair sales, , Shamir lenses, and CareCredit for patient financing. Just an FYI Ocean Beach is the hippie beach of San … [Read more...]