FaceBook Statistics 2010- Why EyeCare Professionals Should Get Involved

Wondering if you the eyecare professional or sales rep should get into Facebook, or you haven't updated or even placed a picture on Facebook. Check out the lastest 2010 Facebook stats and then go and update your page. Statistics From Facebook Company Figures More than 400 million active users 50% of our active users log on to Facebook … [Read more...]

Creating Visual Appeal 16 – 65

Marketing experts advise targeting specific demographics, especially by age groups. Retailers, particularly  boutiques, usually target a defined young or older age group by sex. But sometimes the rules are made to be broken! I personally experienced a good example of breaking the "target market rule". I am in Steamboat Springs, Colorado right … [Read more...]

Internet Shopping for Eyewear Altered My Vision – John Lennon

A personal account of an eyewear consumers Internet shopping experience. Very interesting reading for any you contemplating getting in to the Internet eyewear business and/or if you are concerned about competing with Optical Internet sites: Internet shopping for eyewear altered my vision by Hazel Platzer: I had an idea it would be easy to … [Read more...]

Turquoise Color Of The Year- Eyecare and Optical Fashion Trends

Turquoise Is 2010 Color of the Year- Optical and Fashion Eyewear - Accessories Trends for Eyecare Professional Pantone, the world famous fashion color experts has declared Turquoise (Pantone 15-5519) the color of the year. (and fortunately one of my favorite colors) When you think of turquoise, it brings up images of, vacations, southwestern … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Optical Managed Care

This post on Making the Most of Optical Managed Care was submitted by ClearVision Optical: Independent optical dispensers are often reluctant to embrace the world of managed care, but the reality is: managed care is here to stay. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make managed care work for you and your optical practice. For … [Read more...]

Eye Care About You Valentine Day Gifts For Girls And Women

I've never been much of a heart person, but I know girls are. My nieces wear heart necklaces, earrings and all sorts of stuff with hearts on them. The beauty of wearing hearts, is they never go out of style. 20 years from now people will still be wearing hearts. Plus visualize this with colorful eyewear and wow, talk about eye-catching … [Read more...]

Live Eyewear Comes Aboard As Sponsor!

I have watched Live Eyewear over the years evolve from a company selling just Cocoons to an array of products for the eyecare professional. In fact the whole Cocoons collection is about the profitable add on sale- which includes not just specialty OverRx sunwear you slip over your glasses, they also offer clip-ons and flip ups! Not only that, … [Read more...]

A Simple Valentine Day Eyecare Display By Fashion Optical

Fashion Optical Display just sent us a few new ideas for Eye Catching Valentine Day Displays. What I like, the displays are simple and uncluttered. A few white and red accents to get the point across and encourage the shopper to look, touch, feel and try-on. … [Read more...]

Eye Care About You Valentine Day Gifts For Co-Workers

You still have plenty of time to get ready for Valentines Day eye-care gifts for friends, your boss, co-workers or people that you just want to say Happy Valentines Day to without being too 'sweet'. This gifts are great for any event and we recommend you stock them and place them strategically around the office, displayed with eyewear and eyeglass … [Read more...]

Optical Frame Board Management

Frame Board Management by ClearVision Optical At the center of every successful dispensary is a well-managed frame board. From a customer’s point of view, you are your frame board. In other words, what they see on the board and how it’s arranged speaks volumes about your office. That’s why practices that take the extra time to carefully review, … [Read more...]

Sleep And Eye Health- Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals

I started this post because after reading this article on the untapped market for eye health supplements, I realized that many offices may not realize the opportunities that go beyond lutein, fish oil and the like. Sleep disorders are a huge market potential that 1.) Effect eye health 2.) Can be helped by the optical professional 3.) Offer an … [Read more...]

Women’s Dilema – What To Get Boyfriend-Husband For Valentines Day!

And it's not just Valentines Day- it's Christmas, it's Birthdays.. the list goes on. I say, break out of the tie and shirt rut. All those women coming into your eye care office have  the exact same problem, "What do I get my BBF, BBH, for Valentines Day". My answer, make it easy for them to shop with you by setting up a special 'Valentine Day For … [Read more...]

Eye Care Visual Merchandising Tips

A couple of months ago, I was in Dr. Jeff Anshel's office in Carlsbad, California. I so admired the windows! In fact, I stood outside the office for about 15 minutes just to admire the eye-catching window display. It was warm, inviting, and if I was a customer, I definitely would have walked in. Got me to thinking about the ECP's visual … [Read more...]

Focus Group West Featured on ‘What I Hate About Me’

Eyewear designer and Focus Group West associate Thomas Ferguson will be featured as the 'eyewear expert' on the new reality based show. 'What I Hate About Me' airing on the Style Network. The show profiles women who have ten things about their life that they'd like to change and will showcase experts ina variety of fields to help them … [Read more...]

Eyecare Gifts For Valentines Day

If you read our post on Eyecare Marketing For Valentines Day, one of the stats was how much people spend on gifts for teachers, friends and, classmates, family,  colleagues. Why not plant the seed to have them shop for VD gifts from you, the eyecare professional?  Offer some of these 'heart'  products and accessories from Rons Optical. … [Read more...]