Focus Group West Featured on ‘What I Hate About Me’

Eyewear designer and Focus Group West associate Thomas Ferguson will be featured as the 'eyewear expert' on the new reality based show. 'What I Hate About Me' airing on the Style Network. The show profiles women who have ten things about their life that they'd like to change and will showcase experts ina variety of fields to help them … [Read more...]

Eyecare Gifts For Valentines Day

If you read our post on Eyecare Marketing For Valentines Day, one of the stats was how much people spend on gifts for teachers, friends and, classmates, family,  colleagues. Why not plant the seed to have them shop for VD gifts from you, the eyecare professional?  Offer some of these 'heart'  products and accessories from Rons Optical. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Spring Eyewear Fashion Colors For 2010

Pantone's Top Spring Colors for Fall 2009 and Winter 2010 Pantone has released their top 10 Fashion colors for 2010. Pantone is the most recognized color standard from paints, to graphics to fashion colors. Every season at New York Fashion week Pantone collects feedback about the top colors and releases a seasonal report for the fashion … [Read more...]

Romantic Red Eyewear For Valentines Day

Getting ready for Valentines Day, one of the top shopping days in the year, remember to stock plenty of red eyeglasses. Before you say, 'my customers don't buy red': Think again, if you don't stock red eyewear, your customer won't buy it. Remember your customers are wearing red clothes, shoes, lipstick, accessories and nail polish, they do buy red, … [Read more...]

Eye How: Merchandising Eyewear For Valentines Day

Eyecare Merchandising Tip Of The Day By Fashion Optical Display: Valentines day is coming up, but you don't need hearts on everything to get into the holiday theme. Tap into red props you already have and play up "red" this month! Good example of brand identification...keep it simple. … [Read more...]

Free Stuff From Google- Mapping Eyecare Offices

Both Shirley and I try to take advantage of everything we can Free from Google. We use email, Docs, Calendar, Analytics, Feedburner (subscription) and more. One of the most useful tools an eyecare professional can use is Google Maps, especially since so many mobile and desktop users are turning to Google Maps to find local and other … [Read more...]

Unique Eyecare Website- Eye Want Eyewear

As we continue to eye surf the Internet, we are constantly on the lookout for unique eyecare websites or blogs, to help give you ideas for your website/blog. We ran across a very uncommon website for eyecare professionals. What we like: The home page has cartoon appearance, appealing to the GenY's and anyone that … [Read more...]

Rons Optical- Eye Candy For Eyecare

At Vision Expo, I always have to go by Ron's Optical, because their booth display looks so yummy and inviting. Then I have to look at Melissa Scoppettone shoes (she has great taste). I recommend anyone to go their booth, because they show you how to display optical fashion accessories for  increased sales. They should know, Ron's Optical … [Read more...]

Optical Frame Pricing – OVS Readers’ Comments

One of our favorite features of blogging is the immediate interaction it allows with the readers. However, as we have new posts every day comments on the preceding articles  can get lost in the shuffle. We have a regular commentator, Jamie Hansel and he always makes great points and shares a lot of good experiences. In fact we published one of his … [Read more...]

Top 25 Eyecare Predictions For 2010 And Beyond

All About Vision, one the top eyecare sites released a press release with their eyecare predictions for 2010. We added our own optical and eyecare trends at the bottom. (PRLEAP.COM) Will new eyeglasses be self-adjustable for better focus? Can blindness be cured? Read what the editors of say about trends and new products that … [Read more...]

Effects of Lighting On Sales, Health And Productivity

One of the proactive issues you can speak about with your patients and staff is proper lighting. Research has shown that the lack of proper lighting and sun can effect both the mind and the body. Since Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, improper lighting can lead to poor morale and a condition called SAD. (Seasonal Affective … [Read more...]

Easy Eye Catching Holiday Displays By Fashion Optical

HOLIDAY MERCHANDISING TIPS From Fashion Optical Displays Sunwear makes a great gift...even if to one's self! Get out your best-sellers and highlight them for all to see! Work with eye-catching props, but don't over-do it...let your merchandise stand out. … [Read more...]

Comments about Flex Spending Accounts for Optical

Last week I did a post on Year End Financial Check List which included Flex Spending. Our regular optical blog  contributor, Jamie Hansel sent us an email on the subject the same day and true to form, Jamie has some great points so here it is: "Recently I received an email from a local New York Opticians Society...& part of the message … [Read more...]

Getting The Most From Your Optical Advertising Budget

Andrew Miller, senior writer from ClearVision Optical has kindly provided us with the latest installment of Helpful Hints, which covers innovative ways to stretch your optical advertising dollars. This article is full of very good, useful information. Getting The Most From Your Optical Advertising Budget: In this economy (or any economy for … [Read more...]

EyeStar TV – Eyecare Marketing For Today and Tomorrow

I am a firm believer in digital signage for the eyecare office. In the everyday running of the office, sometimes you just don't have the time to educate, inform, present all of your products and services to your patients. EyeStar TV is the future of eyecare marketing for today and tomorrow. It helps the eyecare professional entertain, educate and … [Read more...]