5 Things You Need to Do to Keep Your Optical Software Secure

Many eyecare practices today are using client-server practice management and EHR software to run their practice. And with any optical software there are high security demands that must be met in order to keep your patient's data secure. Whether you're already using a client-server software or if you're looking to purchase a new system for your … [Read more...]

A Spexy Safety Specs Success Story

It is always nice to tell a safety eyewear success story. Recently a patient came in who had just retired. She was about to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with Habitat for Humanity building houses. Habitat requires that their volunteer workers have safety eyewear and she had quite a high prescription. She was quite unhappy with the idea of … [Read more...]

You Know You Need An Exam When…

While this is supposed to be funny, it is not, what in the world was the person, parent or coach thinking putting a player on the volleyball court without protective sports eyewear! April is National Sport Vision Month, good opportunity for eyecare professionals to promote eye safety. You can purchase sports protective eyewear from Hilco or … [Read more...]

Eyecare Security Updates 2014

Part II in our series of HIPAA and Security Updates from guest author Van Rue: Anti-Virus & Firewall:  Popular freeware anti-virus programs like Avast!, Avira and AVG offer only basic home level protection against older threats, and will not stop more complex or emerging viruses (some clever viruses will just turn of the these programs).  … [Read more...]

2014 HiPPAA Security Updates

Computer “stuff” incites yawns and involves a barrage of new acronyms but you have to compare that with the excitement of not getting paid because your bank account was hacked. Identity theft is moving from the mail box, to the inbox, and is targeting small businesses more because most of us lack full-time IT departments. To reduce your risk of a … [Read more...]

No Hats, No Hoodies, No Sunglasses

A new type of safety protection, normally you are supposed to wear safety eyewear or goggles unless walking into a bank, in which case, please remove hats, hoodies and sunglasses. This is a sad state of affairs and I for one while rarely going into a bank never even thought about this. But this a high risk time for theft.. so watch out for … [Read more...]

Mandatory Safety Eyewear In Porn?

For those of us living in California, we have become accustomed to seeing signs on buildings saying they could have asbestos. For those of you of you that have received products, you might have noticed on your cases a labeling that say something like this product may contain harmful chemicals. This is all due to Proprostion 65, a law we enacted in … [Read more...]

Promoting Wellness: Eye Injury Prevention Month

Eye Injury Prevention Month is October, a project of The American Academy of Ophthalmology, and an opportunity for workers and their families to remind themselves of the importance of proper eye safety measures. 56% of eye injuries happen at work. What can you do? Be a role model: 100% eye safety compliance. You know 90% of all eye injuries … [Read more...]

May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Again we have another great opportunity article from the defogit blog.  Eye Bogglers Motorcycle Industry Council:  A&R‘s home market has posted a 2.6% gain over the figures from 2011, with OEMs selling 452,386 motorcycles in 2012. The most common motorcycle fatality: The most common cause of … [Read more...]

Workplace Eye Safety Quiz

Nearly one million Americans have lost some degree of sight to an eye injury. According  to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 2,000 workplace injuries occur each day, and these eye injuries cost an estimated $1 billion each year. Nearly 100,000 of these injuries will be disabling, resulting in temporary or permanent vision … [Read more...]