Tweens And Teens Spending

Getting Ready for Back to School, how important is the mind and wallet of Tweens and Teens? More importantly how can you capture this elusive market? Teen Spending (Source) 26,873,000 Million Teens in the USA $258.7 Billion Products bough by and for teens $91.1 Billion Total Teen Income in the US $157.6 Billion Annual Amount … [Read more...]

Marketing For National Women Road Warrior Day

National Women Road Warrior Day is September 22. Road Warriors are classified as people who travel via plane, train or automobile extensively on business. Road Warriors are experts on airports, hotels and restaurants, since that is where they live  Many people glamorize the lifestyle, but as an ex-Road Warrior (30 years and 100,000/ miles year) … [Read more...]

Emotional Appeal on Shark Tank

This was one of my favorite episodes on Shark Tank, I even cried, due the amount of passion that this man has for farmers. He didn't invent this product to make money, he invented a better to save farmers and the crops. This is a simple man with a simple concept. Most of the Sharks turned down the product. Most quotable from Johnny Georges, 'I … [Read more...]

Engaging Eyecare Events: Cause Related Events

Early this year, my sister Hazel Platzer who is a hospice nurse, told me she was raising funds for her hospice via an organized trek in the Grand Canyon next spring.  She said that reaction to her asking for donations was not very positive and some people felt that they might be funding "a holiday" for her and it was all very uncomfortable. I … [Read more...]

Black Friday Is Every Friday

By now most people associate Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving and a time where they can get good deals on products and services. I noticed that Home Depot has a Black Friday every Friday offering some good deals for the Spring/Summer DIY season. It struck me that are using a Known Holiday to promote their deals. It got my attention and I am … [Read more...]

Romancing The Shades: Captivating Chevrons

Chevrons, we see them everywhere, as they have been undergone a trend resurgence for the last several years.  Most of us probably just look at a  Chevron pattern and say 'stripes' or zig zags instead of chevrons Some of us may think 'Chevron' is just a gas station, but in reality you most likely have seen the pattern in the military on flags and … [Read more...]

Competing With Online Eyewear: Optometrist Starts Eyewear Company

Is this trend growing?  Optometrists starting their own online eyewear. Entering the online eyewear realm, is a new company, started by an optometrist, Alpa Shroff. Alpa Shroff, with 10 years behind her, along with her husband Nik, decided to change the game but offering home- office visits and home parties with their eyewear line. “"Even as an … [Read more...]

The Great Online Eyewear Debate, Chapter 10 : How To Respond To PD Request Video

You have probably experienced this many times over the last several years, the PD request. Online eyewear sales are growing and will continue to grow. Lisa Frye, ABOC  made an excellent video on how to respond to PD requests in-house. This is something you can share with all staff and have a discussion at your staff meetings. … [Read more...]

Adding Additional Value To Your Products

Price is the amount of money your customer pays for a product.  Value is what your customer perceives the benefits of that product to be, and the emotional connection he/she has to the product, the employee, and the company, in relation to the price. How retail associates handle and present products to her/his customer adds - or reduces - the … [Read more...]

Retail Trends: Tailgating At Fashion Trucks

Is the trend of the POP Up Stores now going mobile? We have seen the growth of Food Trucks and now Fashion has gone mobile with Mobile Shopping or Tailgating.  Mobile boutiques have grown in popularity over the past years, according to the American Mobile Retail Association and West Coast Mobile Retail Association. There are even Fashion Trucks on … [Read more...]

Eight Fabulous Fathers Day Eyewear Displays

We believe in saying NO to ties for Fathers Day, coming up on June 15!  Nothing says we love you more than a good pair of sunglasses. Using these ideas, add some sunglasses, readers, eyeglass retainers and give them to dear old Dad.  Make sure you put in that handy gift certificate in the … [Read more...]

Is Your Office Retail Therapy?

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping? Ergo: Retail Therapy. What is retail therapy? Simply put, shopping in order to make oneself feel happier, avoid depression, improve their lives and boost self confidence. Eyecare professional's offices are  the perfect place for a bit of Retail Therapy shopping. Wearing a pair of great … [Read more...]

Social Good Trunk Shows

Trunk Shows have many benefits: They are a good way to connect and engage with your patients, assist you in brand building and allows you to showcase new products. They are exciting and eventful and can really boost up sales. A new trend is emerging, having a Cause Related Trunk Trunk, in which a portion of sales goes back to a good cause or used … [Read more...]

10 Retail Selling Tips To Prevent Lazy Eye

In todays times with shoppers going online, asking for discounts, it can be really hard to keep a positive attitude. We all get tired, bored or just plan lazy (hence lazy eye), which is why I loved these tips from Bob Phibbs are important to remember, you might consider posting them in your staff room or even having a discussion about them at a … [Read more...]

How To Increase Profitability

We are a big fan of open book management and one of the easiest and best retail math formulas that you can share with your staff and is so important to office profitability is Sales Per Square Foot. So when I read this great article from Bob Phibbs the Retail Doc .. He made such great points, I just had to share it. BTW= The formula for … [Read more...]