A Review of Inventory Management Basics

Over the last 35+ years, the question has come up over and over about inventory management. For managers, owners and buyers it is important to implement an organized eyewear inventory system. Looking at,  your frames can be 45-80% of your profitability (and liability) ergo a systemic approach to Inventory is crucial. There are several choices … [Read more...]

We Love This: Benefits Of Prescription Safety Glasses

I know, you might be thinking get over the safety bit, we don't do it, we don't don't wannna do it.. We hate OSHA.. But when we see great information like this On Oscar Wylee Eyewear website, we have to let you know. He takes the safety out of eyewear and make it sexy. … [Read more...]

Balancing Retail Inventory: Making Friends With Clearance

Since March is Spring Cleaning Month.. This is a good time to clean out the closet and get rid of old products. I know many eyecare offices hate to put product on sale, but it actually cost you money to return or exchange inventory. (See inventory reduction post) . If the product is not selling put it on sale now.. have sale board, do 2nd pair … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Fashion Frames Sales Vocabulary

I ran across this wonderful infographic with the 'technical' terms for fashion patterns. Instead of saying, this is a nice pink pattern. try romancing the eyewear. The Arabesque pattern detailing enhances your…. Chevrons are a hot look now and look how they have incorporated it into a distinctive look. This look is madras…. What do you think? … [Read more...]

5 Retail Industry Trends For 2014

We posted on our Top Trends for EyeCare Professionals and we ran across a post by Bob Phibbs in which he talks about 23 Retail Trends for 2014.  We have reprinted his 5 Top Trends and if  you can download all 23 here. I think you will find the same trends apply to eyecare professionals. It is not longer Show-rooming, it is Web rooming, The online … [Read more...]

20 EyeCare Retail Trends 2014

I don't care what they say, the recession is NOT over and with the advent of ObamaCare, it can be quite confusing as to what direction eyecare professionals should go? If you have been reading our annual Eyecare Trend Report, you will know that the trends we discussed in 2009 are no longer a trend. They are a fact of life. Business as usual. … [Read more...]

Layaway For A Bigger Payday In Your Dispensary?

Many retailers, large and small, offer layaway programs, allowing customers to pay for products over time.  While the terms vary from company to company, the premise is still the same:  product is held for the consumer for a set period, while the consumer makes payments toward owning it.  Can you use this same concept in your eyecare office? Yes, … [Read more...]

To Do: Decorate For Valentines Day

One of the most celebrated events in the world is Valentines Day. Valentine Day Displays can be pretty easy to create, especially if you have a lot of red paper and bags leftover from Christmas. You can make thing very simple and use or reuse products that e either already have or can reuse again. For Valentines Day, items such as Red and pink … [Read more...]

Eyewear Pop Up Store in Austin, Texas

As you probably know by now, we are believers in Pop Up Stores for many reasons. Pierre Fay and his wife just launched their first eyewear POP-Up  store in Austin, Texas.  Starling Optical was launched in November and they are already planning a 2nd location. This is a very simple and mobile concept… 5th wheel trailer, with window and eyewear racks … [Read more...]

The Great Online Shopping Debate: Chapter 3

Like you, I read all sort of comments and complaints about eyewear e-commerce and how it is ruining life as we know it. Of course, if one listens hard enough, you will hear the echoes of industries current and long abandoned as to how technology has ruined life as we knew it. So here I am once again musing about online shopping, yet making a … [Read more...]

Rational And Reasonable Retail Commandments To Grow Your Business

I read this great article from Bob Phibbs, who calls himself a retail doctor. I loved what he had to say so much, I asked for permission to reprint his article. I think it is always good to hear from people outside the optical industry and especially to hear from retail experts. His is a rebuttal to the 10 Commandments of Retail Sales, which made a … [Read more...]

The Great Online Rx Debate: Chapter 2

After reading previous posts about patients purchasing online... having to waste time/money fixing problems, it really struck me at how angry many eyecare providers are at their patients that are shopping online. I am going to say this: STOP GETTING ANGRY at the patient, at Warby Parker and any other online retailers. All that anger does is rub off … [Read more...]

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Infographic

Just in case you did not read the marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this infographic  gives yo the update about why you should be marketing Cyber Monday and Black Friday.. the 2 busiest days of the entire year. … [Read more...]

Specs On Wheels New POP UP Store Concept From Rivet And Sway

We have been posting about POP Up Stores for the last couple years. The online eyewear trend from Warby Parker to Crap Eyewear is to introduce themselves in a retail setting via pop up stores. Rivet and Sway, an online eyewear boutique that caters to women, has taken this a step forward and introduced Specs on Wheels to Seattle's beauty … [Read more...]

Transitions Optical Introduces Updated Multicultural Resources Catalogue

PINELLAS PARK, Fla., September, 2013 – Transitions Optical, Inc. recently updated its popular Multicultural Resources Catalogue with new information and tools to better connect eyecare professionals with their culturally diverse patients. New resources for 2013 include ABO-accredited education courses, a series of best practice videocasts, and a … [Read more...]