Eyecare Billing Tips to Avoid Claim Denials

Visionweb's blog had a few great reminders on eyecare Billing Tips to Avoid Denials on insurance claims. Denials are costly and time consuming, so read this tips to save both time and money.  Your practice relies on insurance claims to generate revenue. However, common errors are resulting in denied claims, wasted time, and lost revenue. It’s … [Read more...]

9 Retail Formulas For Eyecare Practice Management Success

Retail math does not change whether you are selling paper or eyewear.  The exact same formulas that you use are the exact same formulas that Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Costco, Walmart use. They are easy to calculate and many are available on your software programs such as  GPN The Edge.  This timely article came from VisionWeb and this time of … [Read more...]

PQRS Fact Sheet for Optometry Office Software

The Physician Quality Reporting System, otherwise known as PQRS, is a voluntary reporting program that provides incentive payments to eligible professionals (EPs) who report data on quality measures within their practice. This program promotes the opportunity for EPs to assess and report on the overall quality of care they are providing to … [Read more...]

To Do Now: Prepare For The Chip

Mark October 1st on your calendar and do something about it today, and no, we don’t mean finalize your Halloween costume, though ignoring this deadline could be very scary. October 1st is the deadline to switch your credit card terminals to accept EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip based cards. We all remember the recent data breaches that … [Read more...]

Cash, Check or Phone?

Many of you know a little about Apple Pay that was introduced last fall with the launch of the iPhone 6. While mobile payment was not invented by Apple, neither was a mobile MP3 player. Apple however understands how to make technology cool and work well for most consumers. Apple Pay changed the dynamics of credit card payment systems by … [Read more...]

Beware the Bogus Bill

As a business owner you have probably seen your share of “invoices” for yellow page ads you never agreed to. Scams like this have proliferated for years, bilking millions out of small businesses too busy to double check every invoice and statement that arrives in the mail when they are too busy trying to do exams or sell eyewear. These scammers … [Read more...]

Should You Offer Apple Pay?

Many of us are old enough to remember TV shows like Star Trek where they had “outgrown” the use of crude currencies to be exchanged for goods or services and used only credits that existed in some digital ether. Well, we are far from ever giving up on money, but we are a lot closer to digital credits than ever as well. While a number virtual … [Read more...]

Eye Overheard On Facebook: Should You Bonus For Contact Lenses?

Staff bonus programs have always been a controversial area. Many doctors feel it's unprofessional, doesn't work, calls for dissension and some feel why should they get a bonus for doing their job. We thought you might be interested in what some other eyecare offices are doing with a bonus program on contact lens supplies. Ergo this post. Awhile ago … [Read more...]

Cash or Charge………..Or?

I grew up in retail. I can remember working the cash register and evolving from asking “cash or check” to “cash, check, or charge” as everyone started carrying American Express, Master Charge (now Master Card) and Bank Americard (now Visa).  Becoming a cashless society we have almost evolved out of writing checks, except to pay our charge card … [Read more...]

Credit Card Fraud Up 11%

With last year's Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels, credit card breach, online security is becoming increasingly more important. Hopefully if banks and credit cards make the 8 Billion dollar investment, we too will have microchips embedded in our credit cards. That said, as we are becoming a cashless society and as retailers who take credit cards, … [Read more...]

iCoat Launches ‘The Rewards Program’

The Rewards Program” is BACK! You can earn $10.00 rebate stickers on both Super Premium “StainlessTM with LUVTM” and Ultra Premium “AuraTM AR lenses.” $10.00 Rewards Stickers will begin to go out with every new full priced StainlessTM with LUVTM and AuraTM job beginning October 1st, 2013. Each completed Rewards Redemption Card (see below) can be … [Read more...]

Are You Faxing Kidding Me?

I got rid of my fax about 5 years ago for a multitude of reasons, 1.) I was sick of wasting paper 2.) I was sicker of getting 'spam' faxes and I wanted an all in one fax, scanner, copier... 3.) I wanted to green up my life.  I have found, that the need to fax has gotten less and less over the years and due to that fact alone, I have saved a lot of … [Read more...]

The Financial Burden of Eye Disease

The National Eye Institute (NEI) estimates that the current annual cost of vision impairment and degenerative eye disease to the United States private and public sector exceeds $68 billion. And this number does not fully quantify the impact of lost productivity, diminished quality of life, increased depression and accelerated mortality. This … [Read more...]

We Love Winners: VisionWeb Money Madness Winners So Far

On March 12, with a prize-drawing event that rewarded two practices with an iPad2® and two additional practices with a $250 Amazon® gift card, VisionWeb officially kicked off the latest installment of their Money Madness Sweepstakes Winners of an iPad 2 for Enrolling Before March 10th Central Oregon Eyecare, Redmond, OR Parkway … [Read more...]

Second Quarter Tax Calendar 2012

Yikes, I just had to pay a big tax estimate for 2011 and first quarter 2012. My fault as I did not get tax return info to my tax accountant on time and I should have budgeted ahead so there were no surprises. You would think that as I post these alerts I would be on top of it. I am glad I use Paychex for employee payroll, it helps to make sure that … [Read more...]