44 Top Smart Glasses Of The Future

After much hype, Google Glass has shut down their retail stores. Does that mean that Smart Glasses are dead? NEVER! Google glass or other augmented reality glasses are Not Dead and in fact going full stream ahead and buying up Smart Glass companies. Most likely what happened is Google made such a big deal about their glass in beta  mode. … [Read more...]

Samsung Patents Sunglasses That Let You Adjust Colors And Tints

Samsung in not one to rest on their Smart Glasses. They have just filed a patent for a sunglasses that allow you to adjust the colors of the frame and the tint.  All of this being done via a Smart Phone. Just another vision of eyewear of the future. … [Read more...]

Glass Up Smart Glass Video

Glass Up is one of the top Smart Glass Contenders. This video gives you an update on what this technology glasses can do. Augmented Reality, reading email, checking Linked In... the possibilities are endless. … [Read more...]

CLX System and My Vision Express Announce Integration Upgrades

(ST.LOUIS, Mo., Jan., 2015) – CLX, a contact lens ordering and management system, and My Vision Express (MVE), a practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system, have integrated system upgrades that leverage cloud-based technology to help eye care professionals (ECPs) streamline contact lens ordering, tracking, and marketing, from any … [Read more...]

Online Ordering Trends

VisionWeb gives us an historical perspective on the state of online ordering and they should know as they have processed over 100 million orders. Go VisionWeb!  Eyecare professionals ordering online is important not just saving money, but as an important customer service feature: saving time, ease of use and less errors.. excellent way to promote … [Read more...]

Marketing Trends In The Digital World

Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist and former Morgan Stanley securities analyst. She is a partner in the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who have been among some of the early investors in some companies you might have heard of, such as Amazon, Apple, America Online,  Shazam, Compaq, Electronic Arts, … [Read more...]

Google Glass, Smart Glasses And Wearable Technology Updates

Wearable Technology and Google Smart Glasses updates and snippets  for the week of May 6 though today. Biggest news! Google Glass after all that hype and still in beta mode is going public with their google glass. Other Smart Glasses are ramping up and coming onboard.. More apps, more laws... it will be interesting over the next year as most … [Read more...]

Wearable Tech and Smart Glass And Google Glass Snippets

Our weekly smart glass, google glass and wearable technology snippets for the last week of April. The biggest viral posting was Amazon opening of a Wearable Tech Marketplace, Nike getting out of the wearable tech market and joining up with Apple. Google Glass Google Glass prescriptions The Daily News Because optometrists are experts on all … [Read more...]

Alcon Launches App for Eye Care Professionals

Fort Worth, TX—Alcon has introduced eye2eye, a new app for eyecare practitioners (ECPs). The eye2eye app features a contact lens finder that helps ECPs identify Alcon contact lens products for their patients and can also help ECPs successfully fit potential multifocal and toric contact lens wearers in less time. The eye2eye App gives ECPs tools to … [Read more...]

Wearable Technologies- Smart Glass Updates For The Week

Our Wearable Technology, Smart Glasses and Google Glass Snippets And Updates For the Week  Wearable Technology UnifyVoice: Will Wearable Technology Be The Next Office Tool? Consumer Electronics Net ... the wearables. Wearable computers include a variety of devices, from eyewear such as Google Glass to smart watches such as the Samsung … [Read more...]

Transitions® Viewer™ Emulates the Experience of Wearing Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® ViewerTM, a new virtual demonstration tool developed by Transitions Optical, Inc., is now available to help demonstrate the function and benefits of the Transitions® family of everyday lenses. Available online, www.Transitions.com/Viewer, the tool can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device allowing for … [Read more...]

Smart Glasses And Wearable Technology Updates For the Week

For the week of March -27 here are the wearable technology and smart glass snippets. Moverio is pre-selling their smart glasses, Microsoft is coming out of the gate with gaming smart glasses. Infrared Red Contact lenses still getting play on the net. Rochester Optical has made some serious contracts and distributing Vuzix. Global Eyewear Market … [Read more...]

Smart Glass And Wearable Technology Snippets For The Week

Lots and Lots of updates on wearable technology in the eyewear sector. Google Glass Apps and Updates are all going viral. The biggest news of course is Luxottica and Google working together, but really, we all knew that was going to happen. Wearable Technology Study Finds One In Six People Already Own A Piece Of Wearable … [Read more...]

Google Glass Now Banned In Casinos

Looks like it’s bad news for fans of Googles innovative Google Glass headset. Several Casinos have now begun to regularly ban gamblers from wearing the headset whilst inside the building. Their concerns are that gamblers will be using the headset to alter their game. The tiny head mounted eye-glass device is capable of taking photos, recording … [Read more...]

Bringing New Eyecare Products To Market: Interview With Dave Chute

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”  Charles Darwin Have you ever had a great idea and didn't know how to bring it to market? Have you ever said, I had that idea too! Have you ever 'invented' something but just couldn't get it off the ground? It's a hard job just to find the … [Read more...]