100 Years Of Disruptive Innovators in Eyecare History

We started a game-changing optical timeline and quickly realized that to gather all game-changers or AKA 'disruptive innovators' in eyecare over the last 100 years is a monumental process. That said, we have not included all innovations in: surgical procedures, medical technology, lab equipment, medical equipment, eyewear, contact lenses, lenses, … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends: The Onesie Lens

Just because you can't Rx a frame, doesn't mean that eyecare professionals shouldn't sell it or offer it to their customers. Case in point: The Onesie Lens. Most people think of a onesie as a one piece infant garment. Onesies are also adult jumpsuits which became popular in the late 2000's to 2010's. Re-introduced by the band Jumping Jammerz and … [Read more...]

Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patches?

AARGH.. it is September 19 and one of our favorite events..Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day. Have you ever wondered why pirates wore eye patches? It is a stereotype that pirates during the age of sail often wore eyepatches. According to Wikipedia: This stereotype is common in fiction and was popularized by the novel Treasure Island. Whilst piracy … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day With US Labor Trivia

This weekend is the day that we all look forward too.. 3 days of no work, (unless you work in a mall). 3 days of rest and BBQ's. We should all pay homage to the Father of the Labor Day holiday, Peter McGuire. On May 18,1882, Peter McGuire is credited with saying "Let us have, a festive day during which a parade through the streets of the city … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun: Barry Gets Chicken Glasses Appraised

If you are a fan of Storage Wars, you might remember when Barry found a pair of Chicken Eyeglasses. This except from the show Storage Wars features Barry getting his Chicken Eyeglasses appraised.   … [Read more...]

St. Patricks Day Trivia

Slainte!  (Cheers in Gaelic) Happy St. Patricks Day, a day in which we will consume green beer, soda bread, corn beef and cabbage and wear green lest we get pinched. Whilst you are out celebrating impress your friends with some St. Patricks Day Trivia. St. Patrick was not born in Ireland. St. Patrick was born in Wales in Britain. Rumor … [Read more...]

Video: The History of Harlequin Eyeglasses

Have you ever wondered how cat-eye eyeglasses came into being? How did Harlequin eyeglasses come about? This interesting video/documentary with Altina Schinasi, the creator of Cat-Eyes and Harlequins.  Watch this on The Scene.     … [Read more...]

Talking Turkey Trivia: How Much Do We Love Turkey?

Which would you prefer, Turkey, Pheasant, Ham or Thanksgiving. How much do we love Turkey? Mashed potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes? According to the National Turkey Federations, 88% of Americans eat Turkey at Thanksgiving. The average turkey sold is 16 pounds.. That's talking turkey.   … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Talking Turkey Trivia

Did you know that wild turkeys see 3x better than humans during the day but have poor night vision?   … [Read more...]

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

We ran across the fun infographic about the color of your eyes. Did you know that blue eyes are becoming rarer in North America? Did you know that your eye color can change over time? … [Read more...]

How Our Eyes Trick Our Minds Infographic

This infographic was sent to us by Jon Munro, an Optician and owner of Supersavers Opticians in Dublin, Ireland. It is about Optical Illusions and how your Eyes can Trick Your Mind. Eye didn't know that Optical Illusions went back to the Greeks! That and 50% of the cortex is devoted to vision. … [Read more...]

International Tiger Day Is July 29

International Tiger Day also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support … [Read more...]

Celebrating Moths Eyes For National Moth Week

Here we are again, it is National Moth Week, which celebrates an important part of our eco-system, Moths.  National Moth Week is held, worldwide, during the last full week of July. Would you believe there are over 200,000 different species of moths? Moth Eye Trivia Being nocturnal- moths have to maximize how they see in the dark, … [Read more...]

Shark Week With Shark Vision Trivia

Today starts Shark Week. a week of celebration of sharks and their value to the world. Here is a little Shark Vision Trivia: Shark Eyesight: Sharks have poor vision, but acute other senses that allow them to detect small amounts of vibrations and chemical changes in the water. Sharks' Eyes: Did you know that Shark Eyes are like ours? The … [Read more...]

Happy 4th Of July With Trivia

We wish each of you a happy and safe 4th of July. Here is a little 4th of July Trivia and memorable dates for when you are sitting around a campfire eating s'mores and you want to test your friends 4th of July knowledge. I hope each of us take a few minutes to remember that our forefathers fought for our freedom. We may not always like our … [Read more...]