Biz Eyes Makes Interchangeable 3D Eyewear

Last April we wrote about a new Chinese 3D Eyewear Company called Biz Eyes. Biz Eye’s concept was to have a basic frame and use the lens part as an attachment that you can mix and match to your mood. The basic frame is a clear round shape and the shaped fashion accessories are just screwed in.






We know 3D Eyewear is the future. Companies such as ClearVision and Samal Design are already 3D for eyewear design. Others are manufacturing eyewear via 3D. They are:

  1. Boulton 3D Printed Eyewear  Ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised over 35,000 Euros.
  2. Hoet just launched their first 3D eyewear Collection.
  3. ic@berlin 
  4. Forma Eyewear (Hungary)
  5. Frame Punk (Germany)
  6. Kobrin (Brazil?)
  7. Kokosom (Finland) Online eyewear company that offers 6 interchangeable parts
  8. Mykita Mylon
  9. Mono
  10. Monogool is starting to make eyewear from 3D.
  11. Tom Davies is looking to use 3D printing for his Bespoke Eyewear Business
  12. Tom Stevens are already producing 3D Eyewear.
  13. 3D Printed Cork Eyewear 
  14. Mono 3D ran an Indiegogo  campaign and made their funding for 3D printed eyewear
  15. Morganrot 3D printed Eyewear 
  16. Protos Design 
  17. Rod Arad
  18. Roger Bacon (Netherlands) Made to measure 3D eyewear.
  19. Shorehill Eyewear (Chicago, IL)
  20. Sneaking Duck– offers customized eyewear from a choice of 4 styles.
  21. Soda Concept
  22. Wlasses (Spain)

These companies are manufacturing other 3D vision necessities:

Artistic Expression 



Pinterest 3D 

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