New Optical Technology – 3D Eyewear What the ECP Should Know

sfirex- 3D Eyewear by iCoat

The hottest technology must be the IPad as it is definitely the marketing tool de jour everywhere and nowhere more so than Vision Expo West this past few days.  Shamir Lens even announced that all their sales reps will be using  IPads for presentations from now on…..But maybe the new 3D technology that we heard about will soon be just as hot. There are several optical companies offering 3D eyewear product and until I attended iCoat’s press conference about Sfirex I did not realize that there are major differences in the compatibility of 3D eyewear with different 3D technologies. It sounds like it might be like the old Betamax vs VCR, Blueray vs DVD etc.The techno lingo to be aware of in the 3D eyewear market is circular-polarized passive-3D.

Arman Bernardi, Ph.D. President and CEO iCoat

iCoat’s Sfirex press conference given by Arman Bernardi, Ph.D., President and CEO of iCoat Company,was very informative. Here are some important points about this new optical technology that we think the ECP should know:

  • The 3D technology used in theaters vary. The same 3D eyewear cannot be used in all 3D theaters as basic 3D technology differs in the theaters. For example Dolby, IMAX and RealD – they all use different 3D technologies.
  • The newer and emerging technology uses circular-polarized passive-3D for movie theaters upcoming passive 3D televisions, 3D monitors, personal computers and laptops
  • Major entertainment and consumer electronics manufacturers are injecting huge capital sums in the research and development of passive-3D technology products. This will be a huge new market
  • 80% of movie theaters already use circular- polarized passive based technology
  • Increased light transmission means more vibrant 3D perception with accurate color effects and image clarity
  • Not all 3D eyewear reduce light transmission. Its only iCoat’s Sfirex 3D eyewear that reduces light transmission because of proprietary coating technologies that they developed with extensive R&D over years. (high quality 3D Sfirex lenses transmit up to 17% more light for example)
  • Low quality 3D lenses do not have the best light transmission and are less durable, are hard to clean which reduces light transmission further as well as making the lenses become hazy

We think it is a great opportunity for the optical industry to become the lead in this new market. We would hate to see cheap 3D eyewear ruin the consumers’ experience. It is important to become informed and educated about these ultra premium 3D eyewear products and glad to hear that iCoat will be offering education and resources for the ECP to learn more.

We will post more about 3D Eyewear technology as we learn about it and please let us know if you have information to share. See our January post 3D Eyewear Opportunities for information about other companies offering 3D eyewear products.

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