Smart Glasses And Wearable Technology Updates For the Week


Moverio by Epson

For the week of March -27 here are the wearable technology and smart glass snippets. Moverio is pre-selling their smart glasses, Microsoft is coming out of the gate with gaming smart glasses. Infrared Red Contact lenses still getting play on the net. Rochester Optical has made some serious contracts and distributing Vuzix.

Global Eyewear Market Expected to Reach USD 142.18 Billion by 2020 Industry Applications The global market for eyewear is expected to reach USD 142.18 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Expanding 

Google Glass 

Smart Glasses


  • Philips eyes Google Glass app for doctors Livemint For the healthcare industry, smart glasses would facilitate telemedicine and expert consultations with doctors in a different locale, and will serve as a .

Rochester Optical 

 Contact Lens 


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  1. A nice post on wearable technology. Read a post on OEMag (Vision of the future) that discusses video games, google glass and in particular how these companies could adapt better to the market if they worked together and shared technology and collaboration. I’m dead interested to see how this pans out as lives will be completely changed by its uptake.