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The Made in USA Brand Certification Mark is the only certification mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for identifying goods either made or grown in the United States

We had a request to do a post on optical products made in America. Before I get into that, I want it to be known, just because it had a label made in the USA, does not mean it was made in the USA. This can be very misleading as consumers want to support local economy and buy Made in USA Products. I did ask The Vision Council if they had any information on this, but they do not track it.

The whole made in USA is a huge post, and I would recommend you read wikipedia here to get a Cliff Notes version. ‘The Made in USA mark is a country of origin label indicating the product is “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. The label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)….

‘Technically speaking’ any lab can be classified as made in the USA although the frame is from China, the lens from Taiwan, because it was fabricated in the USA. (Good selling point for your patients). You might be able to use the same argument for FreeForm lenses is manufactured in the USA.

The below are not all the companies that have products that are made in the USA, just the ones we know about.


Many of the Wood Eyewear companies (see list posted here) . are made in the USA.


Eyewear Accessories

  • Ficklets- eyewear charms is made in the USA. Ficklets is distributed by Rons Optical
  • Vizini- Eyeglass Visors is made in the USA. Vizini is distributed by Rons Optical
  • Optacaddy– eyeglass caddy  is made in the USA.
  • Nanofilm= DeFog-It, Clarity, EcoClens and more are made in the USA


  • Biostyntrx is made in the USA
  • Theralife

Other USA Made Resources

  • Here is another source,but they don’t upkeep the information, I don’t really count anyone that doesn’t have Made in the USA on their website
  • You can go on Etsy for made in the USA, eyecase chains, cases and more.
  • AO I believe is still made in  USA

Apps For Made In USA Products Made In USA



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