PUPIL: On-Demand Eye Exams That Come To You

A Colorado startup is aiming to make eye care more accessible by launching an on- demand vision testing service preformed in the comfort and convenience of the home or office.

PUPIL Eye Exam

Patients simply book a day and time on Pupil’s website, and a professional technician arrives to oversee a 30 minute vision exam which determines their need for prescription eyeglasses. The data is then securely transferred via cloud based software to a remote Optometrist who will then digitally prescribe eyeglasses if needed, or refer the patient to a local eye doctor for further evaluation.

Unlike other mobile eye exams offered, Pupil’s devices offer diagnostic screening capabilities utilizing retinal imaging and eye pressure devices for better assessment of your eye health. While these devices once filled large areas in your Optometrist’s office, Pupil’s devices fit in a small travel case and communicate via smartphone technology.

Conventional eye care typically mandates an in-office visit to capture an image of your retina, or measure the pressure of your eye. However with Pupil’s in-home screenings, these same procedures can be exercised without ever leaving the room your in. While Pupil does not offer medical advice, nor diagnoses ocular pathology, the diagnostic information is used to better address your eyeglass prescription and your eye health.

Pupil also employs only nationally Certified Paraoptometric Technicians to oversee your vision screening whom have ocular refraction backgrounds and undergo training in-house with Pupil. Similar to the conventional eye doctor’s office in which tasks are delegated to staff, Pupil technicians collect refraction and diagnostic data which is then reviewed by the physician.

Pupil’s business model is directly aimed at making eye care more accessible, and with multiple studies suggesting that individuals do not see their eye doctor as advised, the model works for both Optometrists whom are typically restricted to their exam room, and patients who can now find basic eye care all at the click of a button.

The innovative mobile screening is not designed to take the place of a comprehensive eye exam preformed by an eye care professional, as indicated by multiple disclaimers on the company’s website. Pupil also advocates for the Optometric profession by providing patients educational material and encouraging patients to see an eye doctor at least every two years, or as advised.

Pupil does not currently accept insurance and charges $75 per mobile exam in their Colorado Springs coverage area. The company currently only serves the Colorado Springs area however promises expansion in the coming months.

Via Pupil Vision

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